While Pea #1 and I were out Geocaching…

We came across a gang of Armadillos.  There was four of them.  I think there was an adult and three babies, but I’m not sure.

These creatures are omnivores.  They like to feast on small bugs like worms, ants, grubs, cockroaches, etc.  They also like fruits and things.

The armor is made from bone into plates.  They use their claws for digging up their delicious meals.

Kingdom:  Animalia;   Phylum:  Chordata;  Class:  Mammalia

It was a great experience for The Pea and  I to see a family of these in action in the woods.  We love God’s world!

8 responses to “Armor

  1. Oh my gosh…that is so cool! What a fun thing to see.

  2. I heard from my brilliant homeschooling kids, that these creatures carry something that causes leprosy in people and you should NOT touch them dead or alive…Have you heard this before…I’m glad I know it cause I would be one to touch given the opportunity!! :O0
    Did you find your treasure you were looking for?

  3. Autumn Couture

    Aren’t they so cute?!?! We have one that comes to our backyard looking for …fruit. Yeah…not cockroaches!! EWWWW! But I don’t think it’s cute what he does to my lawn! Every so often our dogs try to teach it a lesson. Good thing for that armor! And the inexperience of my dogs.

  4. Armadillos are very cute. I have heard that leprosy thing, too.

  5. I know that people say they are pests and not real bright, but I think they are pretty cool. I was just working on a post about geocaching and my failure as a geocacher! (But I did find some really cool flowers and things and enjoy being out in nature! You may find other treasures that are even cooler than the geocache!) Have fun!

  6. I think armadillos are cute. Usually I just see them on the road…literally.

  7. Oh, how cool!

  8. They are kind of cute. =)

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