Planning with the Stalker

My stalker friend is back.  After I forced her to buy YoungMinds CD, she forced me to help her set up the V-Planner.  The nerve of some people!

I told her if we meet at the library she had to bring her kids, because my kids needed other kids to talk to.  To entertain themselves the girls brought Monopoly.  This turned out to be a fantastic idea, because it kept them out of our business.

The two older girls stayed in the teen room and talked about books and boys.  Um…boys.  I’m not ready to deal with that.  I’ll just be in denial for a little while longer. Yeah, that’ll work.

While the girls were busy, The Stalker and I got to work.  First thing, downloading the V-Planner and entering information on the Data page.  So far so good…

I also brought my computer so we can see how I was setting it up.

We have the four children version 2, so I set mine up with the three girls and myself as the fourth student.  It is working out pretty well, even though I haven’t started any schooling.  One of the things I like on the V-Planner, is the sticky notes and the goals for each person.  I showed The Stalker what I had written down for my goal and the sticky.

The school starts in 61 days depressed me and I failed my goal for that day.  The Stalker was not impressed with me, because I don’t have that much knowledge about the V-Planner yet.  I’m still learning.  LOL

After a few bumps, we got The Stalker;s V-Planner set up and she has been working on it ever since.  She has more done than I do.  That’s because I’m lazy and she isn’t.

Thanks Stalker friend for a fun afternoon!

Thanks, Donna, for all your hard work for us and for the V-Planner.  Love it!

11 responses to “Planning with the Stalker

  1. Do I need this V-planner??

  2. If I hadn’t already purchased Homeschool Tracker Plus when I first started HSing, I would have been all over that V-Planner. It looks awesome. Donna is awesome. And you are an awesome friend/mentor to the stalker.

  3. LOL! Michelle, you crack me up!
    The Stalker Friend and I have exchanged emails a few times. She is very helpful and all over that V Planner. =)
    I wish I could’ve been there!

  4. a) I want a stalker.

    b) I am v. tempted to get the v. planner. Can you print the stuff out once you get everything entered? I have most of my stuff organized in excel, but have to change it all the time….

    c) I have only mean things to say about Homeschool Tracker and their customer service. But I won’t drag your classy establishment down by saying them.

  5. So, can you help me out too. I wouldn’t mind a little trip over there. I think the V-planner looks awesome, but I am intimidated by it. I will probably just keep printing off Donna’s awesome planner sheets.

  6. Great post and I love the v-planner!!! It will probably safe my life this year!!!! I wish I could have come as well……

  7. I have to check this out. Wow Donna you never cease to amaze me with all the new stuff you come up with. I don’t know if you all remember my bout with HST. I spent all summer setting it up for my oldest 1st year of high school and then my computer crashed:p I haven’t used it since. I am with you Michelle on the denial thing boys and that school is starting again soon LOL

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