My Bucket

When I met The Stalker Friend, I found out she does machine embroidery and she does a mighty fine job with it too!  So, I kept this bit of new tucked in the back of my brain for future use.

After The Stalker Friend asked about the rolling carts, I decided she needed to put her skills into practice.  Ok, it is her business and she already had it in practice.  But…I did tell her if she wanted to continue to stalk me, then she had to sew something for me.   Oh yeah, I am that kind of friend.  What can you do for ME, kind of friend.

This is what she did!

Can you see it? (Ignore the dog hair)  Here is an up close picture.

Isn’t he the cutest thing EVER!  I just luvs him.  The homeschool peeps are going to be so jealous!  In fact, The Stalker Friend is already jealous and is thinking of what to put on her own cart apron.

My gecko friend is now named Kale.  He was named last night after we had roasted veggies with kale.   My husband said kale was not even good for bovine consumption.     I like kale.  It’s good.

Now every time I need my bucket, I’ll say to the kids, “Hey you!  Go fetch Kale for me.  NOW!”    This subliminal message might help the family like kale.   Maybe.

8 responses to “My Bucket

  1. I just LOVE you 🙂 You are such a HOOT 🙂 ps I agree with William Kale is blechy

  2. Oh, I like Kale….both of them! Kale the Gecko is very handsome.

  3. My tortoise eats kale I’m not that fond of it. However your gecko is super cute!! You have a sweet friend =)

  4. He’s a beauty! But I thought you would have gone for something with more legs…

    • We talked about putting bugs on the long back flap. I’m still thinking about it. She showed me cutest dragonflies, butterflies, and ladybugs. Spiders or beetles would be nice. I don’t want flies or roaches.

  5. I don’t think your stalker DOES spiders.
    Kale is Kool!

  6. Love it! Love Kale, but not kale. 😀

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