Dem Bones-Dem Bones

After a long time of researching for the perfect skeleton model, I ordered a Mr. Thrifty Flexible Skeleton.   Excuse the quality of the photos.  I took them after a long day (11 hours) at the hospital while the husband had back surgery.  I was too tired to do anything with them, but felt I needed to share my find.  🙂

He isn’t perfect, but I like him.  As you can see the right arm is on backwards. (Update:  The arm was rotated and easily fixed. So.. he’s perfect now)

He has cute little hands and feet.  🙂

All joints move, except in the phalanges and a few other places.  Top of the skull comes off.  It’s a no brainer.  LOL

He has a flexible spine, with nerves, and I think the red bulge is a ruptured disc.  Not sure.  I’ll have to ask Sir Husband.  He had his disc fixed twice.  He’ll know.

He’ll be a nice addition to our homeschooling journey and also makes a nice home decor.

When I was making him talk and blowing kisses to The Violinist, all the kids ran out of the room.

I then heard The Violinist whisper to one of The Peas, while pointing at me:

“It’s so sad when they get old.”

And all my kids agreed.    I think I’ll add to their work load and make the skeleton watch.  bwhahaha

Well, if the kids don’t like him, he can be friends with Ernie.

While the naughty kids are making fun of the skeleton, they felt it was their duty to name it.  Totally forgetting I’m the owner and should name it.   However; they have named it Carlos.

I don’t care for the name Carlos, but it is better than Dr. Dead, Mr. Bones, etc.  I would like something other than Carlos.  So, what would you name this new addition to our family?

Purchased from :  THE ONE GRIM REAPER

17 responses to “Dem Bones-Dem Bones

  1. McCoy.


  2. Very nice!! The skeleton is a really nice size…I mean Carlos. You did good.

  3. It’s perfectly normal to keep a skeleton in your family room. You are not weird at all. You should name him Fred.

  4. That is a nice looking skeleton model!

    I don’t know what I would name it if it was mine, but here’s a few ideas.
    Fabio (the perfect model)
    Herman (because .?. )
    Mr. Rattles ( the sound he would make if he walked =O
    The Professor ( does he look smart? )
    Mr. M. ( he would know what that means )
    Chuckles ( he would laugh if he could )
    Gutless ( he is )

  5. Oh you got him!

    I think Carlos is an OK name….Carlos el Esqueleto has a nice ring.

    Since I like the show Bones, I think Seely would be a fine name.
    “Bones, Seely Bones”

  6. I like Cal.
    Cal C. Um

    Or Perry.
    Perry Osteum

    (sorry, couldn’t help myself!)

  7. Fat Albert, or Lefty…
    I like him. I want one now too. I could put him on the shelf with the clowns and porcelain dolls….and my kids will move out!!!

  8. Seely’s good, but I have to go with McCoy!

  9. Well….Carlos does have a nice ring to it. Of course Seely Bones is nice too, in honor of one of my favorite shows…Love how you put “home decor” in your tags!

  10. Being a long time fan f Star Trek I am all for McCoy!!

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  12. Dear Applie… I am now deeply grateful for your purchase of Mr Thrifty (although Skint might be more apt!) and for the lovely pictures you’ve posted, especially holding various body parts. My husband and I are about to invest in a flexible Mr T, just because we want one and your images have helped make the decision – scale, flexibility and interesting angles are great. We both hope you enjoy him still and thanks again for helping us decide!

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