2011-2012 School Year

Sir Son is now a senior.  *gasp*  He is Dual-Enrolled. When he graduates, there will be no celebration, no walk for a diploma, no nothing.  We might make his favorite dinner.  He is just not the celebrating type and I am ok with that. 🙂  Yes, I’ll at least take a photo of him holding his Letter of Intent to stop homeschooling.  LOL

The Violinist, 8th grade:

History:  Various reading books.  Haven’t decided on what.  This is a light year for her in history, so I am not worried about it.
Math:  Saxon Pre-Algebra 1/2  (co-op)
Science:  Apologia Physical Science
English:  Study of Odyssey, writing techniques, research.  Sir Husband is her teacher in this area.

  • Grammar:  She has perfect grammar (per her facilitator last year; she’s her father’s daughter).  But it doesn’t mean she can stop practicing.  She will be using Harbrace College Handbook.
  • Vocabulary:  Peterson’s Success with Words and whatever Literary Terms the Husband feels she needs to know.
  • No spelling.  For someone who has taught herself to read and spell at four, was spelling her 8th grade brother’s spelling words, w/0 studying, in fourth grade, and has gotten a perfect score on every single spelling test thrown at her, no longer needs spelling assignments.
Music:  Music Theory (co-op)

Jacksonville Youth Orchestra – violin playing, of course.

This year she will earn High School Credits in:  English, Science, and Music

Pea #1, 6th Grade:

History:  A Child’s Story of America, U.S. map work, various reading.
Math:  7/6 Saxon Math (co-op)
Science:  Apologia Elementary Botany and Zoo 3 (co-op)
English:  Reading/Vocabulary/Spelling  (co-op)
Grammar:  Rod and Staff English Grade 5
Art:  at co-op

Pea #2, Grade 5

History:  A Child’s Story of America, various reading, U.S. Map work
Math:  Saxon 6/5  or Rod and Staff  Grade 5 Math???
Science:  Apologia Anatomy (co-op)
English:  Rod and Staff, Grade 5
Spelling:  All About Spelling (which I am not happy about, but I have it and have to use it)
Art:  At co-op

For All Three:  Latin for Children and Logic, Perplexors or Mind Benders (I have both)

If I ever have a reading list, I’ll post that.

Are you ready for homeschooling?

12 responses to “2011-2012 School Year

  1. Your coop sounds really good…they have some great choices there. It looks like you have a great plan for them. No, I am not ready. La-la-la-la, I can’t hear you….

  2. Another great year! Can’t believe Sir Son is a senior. Time does fly.

    Oh, and Latin! Woo-hoo! 😀

  3. NO.
    I know we start on Monday – but I’m still not mentally prepared for it. A different approach this year of 4 weeks on and one week off (for me to write the next 4 weeks of lesson plans!) will hopefully keep the stamina going longer. (Fingers crossed) The thing that fascinates me is how our homeschool is different from yours (different kids with different abilities/strengths) and yet the same (ages and stages I have similar to yours!) That is the magic of Homeschooling I guess! 🙂

  4. Nope, not ready for school to start. I can’t believe that Sir Son is a senior either! Exciting things happening at your house this year. I am so on board with you on the spelling thing. I love the plan.

  5. You’re a rock star, Applie. Have a great year!

  6. NO, I’m not ready…….I’m still redoing the dining room to make it more school friendly or so I hope. At least it will no longer be mint green…..which only makes me want ice cream. We aren’t starting until Aug. 15, I’m hoping to be ready by then.

  7. Looks like you are all set! =D I really really like Harbrace and I also like Peterson’s Success with Words. =)

  8. We love the Apologia elementary series. I have a 10th grader this year and soon he will be graduated like his big brother…..sniff….snifff. My babies!!

    Looks likeyou have a great year of learning planned 🙂

  9. No, not ready. We won’t be starting until Sept.

  10. Looks like a solid plan, as always =) You have worked so hard with all of your children and you must be so proud of them. I don’t think I’m starting until my oldest starts back to college but that’s only a few weeks away (sigh) guess I better finish up. Thanks for the jump start back to into reality=)

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