Using Something Different

This will be my third year facilitating the Biology class at our co-op.  To spice things up, I have decided to use the co-op’s Intelliboard.   It is a bit challenging to work with,but I’m getting there.  Thought you would like to see part of the first lesson.  This is one of the pages I’ll have on the board for the students to see.

After I have lectured for a few minutes, I’ll talk  through the cycle of producers, consumers, and decomposers, by drawing green arrows  to the organism that is receiving the energy.  I can do that right on the board and if I want it, it will save the arrows for me.  Cool!

Like my drawing of the dead man?  Yeah, me too.  It is one of my finest pieces.

The Intelliboard aka Virtual WhiteBoard is around 62″ wide.  And has all kinds of features I plan to use.  The main reason I wanted to use this board, is to take photos of dissected specimens for the students to see.  While they dissect their own specimen, I can point to what they are suppose to be looking for on the board.  The last two years I’ve had to hop from student to student to help them.  It will be easier with the board I hope.  Nothing like having larger than life frog guts on the board for all to see!  If I plan this right, it will happen right on the day we have visitors.

I look forward to that!


12 responses to “Using Something Different

  1. Those boards are so cool. A’s school has them too and I have seen them when I sub. Technology is amazing. And to think when we were kids, the most amazing thing was the mimeograph copier. Ah, the smell of alcohol and paper….

  2. Tooooo cool =D

    Your dead man looks like he was pressed between two planets colliding in another dimension. Poor guy, he never had a chance.

  3. Very cool! LOL Donna everyone’s a critic ha ha maybe you were complimenting her on just how dead he looked =)

    • LOL It takes a lot of talent to make someone look like they have been crushed between two planets. In this case, it was the two sides of the hamburger bun that guy ate. See the photo? I can’t tell if that is an actual hamburger or if it was photo-shoped. 😀 My heart hurts just looking at it. LOL

    • That and how awesomely flat he looks.

  4. Love the dead guy! lol.

  5. That’s cool!

    I thought maybe it was some kind of blobby protoplasm-y thingy.

  6. That looks fun to play with! I love the pictures!

  7. And here I thought that the only ones who could afford such high tech stuff were large corporations, TV studios and the government!! That would be so cool to be able to use!

  8. You’re just getting way to savvy!

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