Classification of Specimens

Yesterday at church we had the Blessing of the Backpacks and prayers for all who are involved in education; students, teachers, bus drivers, parents.  It was wonderful and needed!

Now we are ready to go back to the homeschool co-op tomorrow!  Woo-Hoo!

This year I have decided to stretch out as much as I can with the modules.  I don’t want to pack too much in one day, if I can help it.  Tomorrow we will be going over how to write a lab-write up, what to expect in the classroom, and complete Exp. 1.1 Using a Biological Key, in the Apologia, Exploring Creation with Biology.  

If you are new here, please click on the Apologia Biology tab at the top navigation bar.  You’ll see what I have done in my class for the past two years.  Each year I do a little something different.  🙂

For Exp 1.1, I have made this worksheet for the students to fill out in class.  I am more interested in them learning to use the key, at this point, so a lab write-up is not requested.   If you would like to use this form, please click on the image and it will take you to the document to print. Enjoy!

10 responses to “Classification of Specimens

  1. I like your worksheet! I had made one last year, too, but I didn’t think about putting it on the site. (Now that I know how to make a google doc, thanks to you!) =)
    Now I just have to figure out how to get a document to show up as a pic. Do you save it as an image first? I’ll have to see if I can do that.

  2. Yay! I think I can figure it out. I will work on mine after while. Still have math to do w/ dd14. And supervising everyone else. I have silly teenagers who want to play today. 😉

  3. Cool! I may just print this and use it for my girl. Much easier than having her draw it. Thanks! Happy back to co-op day too!

  4. Thanks so much for this form….I was thinking about making one up…..thanks, your a time saver!! 🙂

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  6. Hi. I love your website, blog, and resources. Thank you so much for sharing them. I was wondering if there was any way that you could share your Power Point slides that you mentioned in this blog post? Thanks again.

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