Sir Son announced there was a cricket on our garbage can and that I should get my camera.  So I did. 🙂

There are 75 species in Florida and several do not have formal scientific names yet.   The music crickets make is produced by rubbing one wing on top of the other wing.  Many crickets are able to produce several different kinds of songs, mainly to attract the ladies.  When you hear the music at night, just remember love is in the air.

Majority of the crickets do not fly.  They use their large back legs for jumping to get around.  Sometimes they can even make me jump when one comes out of no-where and lands on me.

This cricket is a female.  You can tell by the ovipositor  (long pointy thing at the back) for laying eggs.  They lay between 175 to 200 eggs.  The nymphs look much like the adults, without wings.   This kind of cricket is on the larger size of the scale; about 1 inch.  The smallest one is less than 1/4 of an inch.  These are Ant-loving Crickets and clean up after ants in the ant hill.  I have read that the Ant-loving Crickets make a tweeting sound in the ant hill, but who wants to put their ear down to an ant hill to find out?

The cricket has compound eyes.  It can see many places at once.  Major wow factor there.  The antenna is used for feel.  Every time I moved the camera to a different angle, this little lady would move her antenna.  It was always on the camera.  It was almost like she was “holding up a hand” and saying , “BACK OFF!”.  Of course I didn’t listen.

Afterwards, Sir Son put the garbage cans back and the cricket went on  her way.


  • Kingdom:  Animalia
  • Phylum:  Arthropoda
  • Class:  Insecta
  • Order:  Orthoptera  “means straight wings”

7 responses to “Cricket

  1. I don’t know if I’ve ever noticed an ovipositor on a cricket before. And look at those spikey things on her legs! Good photos…they make her look much bigger and more ferocious than she is.

  2. Cool! We have some grasshoppers around. Maybe I should get my camera out too.

  3. Wonderful pics!
    Always love your posts, and your humor. =)

  4. At first I was all “ewww! A cricket!” but if she eats ants, then she’s all right with me.

    (do you just know EVERYTHING about bugs, or what?)

  5. I could actually look at this one. (Through my my fingers, but I could look!) What are the spikey things on her wrist for??? (snort! Testing the all-wise-one!) ;0) Ours are usually green at my house, and closer to 2-3 inches…they make me jump too.

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