The Hot Dog War

We haven’t had hot dogs in our home for many years, because of food allergies.  So when I found an all natural, all beef, no preservatives, hot dog we jumped all over it.

Parents happy.  Kids happy, until….

Sir Husband decided it was time for the kids to beg for their hot dog.

ALL they had to say was, “Dad is WONDERFUL!”

Did they? NO!  They tried to steal the hot dogs instead.

Sir Husband was able to stop them for a little while.

But not for long.  While fending off one child, the other one grabbed the hot dogs and ran.

It isn’t good when the kids work together to get what they want.  lol


6 responses to “The Hot Dog War

  1. Costco sells Coleman Natural Hotdogs (I just bought some today). The package says All Natural, Uncured Beef Hot dogs, No MSG, Fillers, Nitrates or Gluten. No Antibiotics, No added hormones. $9.99 for package of 24. Love them.

  2. Hahaha! He had no chance.

  3. So you were teaching teamwork to overcome seemingly impossible obstacles… good job! 😉

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