Our Bumper Crop

Since Kristy was kind enough to photo her bumper crop of veggies from her garden, I thought I’d do the same.

These are little grape tomatoes.  We have been blessed with ten this year! They’re only about 1/2 inch in diameter.  Cute!  Tasty!

What makes these so special is the fact we did not plant this plant.  I was out mowing our back lawn and saw four red berries and went to investigate.  It was this tomato plant.  We do not know how it got in our backyard, right behind our porch.  We do say it was planted by God. 🙂

I am drying a few to save for seeds.

We are very thankful for our bountiful crop!

8 responses to “Our Bumper Crop

  1. That’s cool. We had blackberries our first year in our house, but I haven’t seen them again. We have a wooded area on the rear of our lot that backs up into more woods.

  2. Wait, what?! You can dry the seeds and then plant them the next year? Does that work? I’ve never ever thought out that.

    I love grape tomatoes. When I picked them, wash them and put them on the counter, I just eat 2-3 every time when I walk by. They are delicious.

  3. I’m not exactly sure what I was trying to say in that last comment. It must have been when my husband walked by demanding that I make him breakfast. I think I meant “I’ve never heard of that.” LOL.

  4. Cool! a Surprise Plant!! =)
    Be sure to ferment the tomato seeds before allowing them to air dry.

  5. They are delicious-looking red balls of perfection. You are most definitely a better gardener than I!

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