We Bought Something…

Yes, in our old age we bought something expensive.  A camper.

We decided we were not getting any younger and our kids will leave us soon.  *sniff*  So…to make the good times last a little longer, we decided to purchase a camper.  Besides, our neighbors have one and we have to keep up with them.   They make us take care of their hamster, Pumpkin, while they are gone traveling in their RV for two months in Alaska; we are tired of it.  We bought a camper, just to have an excuse to say no, we’ll be gone that weekend and can’t take care of Pumpkin.    It’s all in how you look at it!

This is the camper we bought.  2006 Timberlodge Travel Trailer      We don’t actually have position of it yet, but we will be next week.

The above photo is looking down from the loft.  Yep, there is a loft.  The Peas are so excited.

There is one super slide.  The dinette and the sofa move out, which give the camper a lot more room to move around. You can see it to the left in the picture above.

This is the loft as it is right now.  We’ll change the sheets and curtains and whatever to make it ours. The loft actually sleeps three, but only the two peas  will be up there.

The above it  the outside view. As you can see the back end rises up.  That is where the loft is.  Some of the stickers on the side are peeling off and I hope to remove them.

Since we are trying to keep up with the neighbors, you know they are not happy about that.  This is what they suggesgted we purchase.

No one in this family thinks this is legal.  Just saying.  Anyhoo, we are thankful for our neighbor’s advice and we’ll take it with a grain of salt.  We are convinced they are trying to keep us home so we’ll take care of Pumpkin.  Ha!  Not a chance!  Ok, we may end up taking Pumpkin with us…

I have some ideas to make this “OUR” camper.  You can check them out at Pinterest for all of my ideas.  First thing to go, are the curtains!  Thinking deep red, of course.  Thankfully, the color scheme  is tan and deep purple so deep green and deep red will work with that.  WOOT!

I wanted these Corelle dishes, but I can only find them in a bright red or blue.  I need dark green.

I’ll just have to keep looking.  I’m also looking for a camper blog. One that is not a huge camper with all the conveniences home  or a vintage model.  If you come across a blog that talks about their travels in a haul behind trailer, let me know.  In the mean time, I’ll keep you updated with what we are doing.

Happy Camping!

15 responses to “We Bought Something…

  1. I am excited for you! That is a really cool camper. What will you pull it with?? I didn’t realize that you had a vehicle big enough to pull a camper. When should I plan on coming for the inaugural campout?

  2. Congratulations!!! This is very exciting and I’m so happy for you, can’t wait to see the after photos….

  3. How exciting! Congratulations! You will have to make sure to blog about your inaugural campout.

  4. Congrats!! Looks like fun!! We enjoyed camping as kids…sadly, I was the youngest…just when I was REALLY getting “into” all the big kids started graduating and stuff…boo! You got it at a good time…Do you think Sir Son will come with?…nothing a few ropes and cuffs can’t take care of…”family bonding applie-style” we ALL know her criminal tendencies…she just said what she’d do to poor Pumpkin…~gasp~KIDNAPPING…well “hamster napping”…and we all remember how she steals her neighbors magazines while SNEAKING into their pool….and the list goes ON and ON… :)p

  5. I think you can look for those dishes in the outlets. You said “camping”…this is luxury living!! (And I LOVE it!) Now if someone took me “camping” in that I might acutally enjoy it!
    One word of warning. When the extended family find out about it they will come to visit. And when too many come to visit at the same time…they will use your camper as a spare room. Come to think of it…I’m coming over!! 😉

  6. Yay! Congratulations, it looks great! We traveled a lot when I was a kid and I have a lot of great memories from that time. I can’t wait to read about your adventures.

  7. Way fun! My parents had an RV (an older one) and my children have the best memories of going places in it! We gave photos of little babies getting a bath in the sink, cooking on the small stove, playing board games…You will LOVE IT!

  8. I hope you all have a lot of good times camping with your new camper. =)

    Have you looked at the square Corelle sets? They have some of those with green, they are nice looking, different from home (unless you use square plates at home,). Wonder if a square plate would fit well in camper cupboards?

  9. Haley the neighbor

    I want a tour!!!!

  10. I think that you should take a 2 month vacation to Alaska, stopping along the way to visit friends and family just as your neighbors do 🙂

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