Gifts for the Camper

Our neighbor’s were so excited we bought a camper, they came bearing gifts!  I like gifts.

OH BOY!!  A trash can!  Now you want one; I just know it.   This was such an exciting gift, the neighbor’s wife had come along to help present this supreme offering.

I am really excited to get this can.  It isn’t just an ordinary can.  It is so much more.  It’s a turkey oven.  Everyone say Woot!!   What?  You’ve never cooked a turkey in  a trash can before? Where have you been?  Oh with me, because I’ve never done it either.

The neighbors swear this is the best way to cook a turkey.  Especially while camping, since our camper oven will only hold a small cookie sheet.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve never seen a 2″ turkey that will fit in that oven.  Photo coming later.

So, how do you cook in a trash can?  Good question.  You can find excellent instructions at TheTrashCanTurkey.

I am so looking forward to giving this a try.  If we don’t get to go camping for Thanksgiving this year, we will be making this in our backyard.   Now go get yourself a nice clean aluminum trash can, bake your turkey, and report back to me. 😀


I also bought myself a gift for the camper.  Lights.  Yep, you have to have patio lights.  It’s a hidden law among  RV campers.  The neighbors bought grapes.  I wanted grapes, but apparently the neighbors have the all because I cant’ find any.  However; I found a better set of lights.

You have to admit, these are me. Right?

7 responses to “Gifts for the Camper

  1. Those lights are just perfect for you. They would have only been more perfect had they been spiders.

    Trash-can turkey!? I can’t wait to see the blog post on that. Camping over Thanksgiving sounds fun. I want a camper.

  2. Wish I had neighbors like that! LOVE the lights! Like Kristy, I’m waiting to hear about the turkey….

  3. I love the lights!

    How exactly are you supposed to cook this turkey? Like, do you light a bonfire under it or what? Or maybe it’s one of those things like they do with duck eggs in China, where you bury it and then dig it up a hundred years later and pretend it’s a delicacy.

    Either way, color me intrigued.

  4. This really works and the best part is the man does the cooking! I want to try a ham (perhaps next weekend) and will share the results with my new camper groupie friend across the street :o)

  5. Ewww Deb! Rotten eggs?? Really!!? Wow. And Eww Kristy, spiders?? yuck! (but you’re right – totally her!) And I agree…I want a camper for hiding, erm…I mean ‘getting away’ for the holidays!

  6. I do love the dragonflies! =)

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