I knitted hats!   Yeah, I know.   I am in awe of myself too.

 Deb at Not Inadequate found the cutest hat pattern to knit for adults and kiddos.  It’s called Grammy’s Hat by Tanis Lavallée.  This hat pattern looked to be pretty simple with just k2,p2 and k6,p2.  I can do that!

I really wanted to make one of the hats featuring four different colors using the designer’s Green Label Yarns, but I couldn’t justify the cost for yarn to top a child’s head. So… I bugged Deb with a bunch of questions on what I should use.  After months  days of asking, Deb finally said, “Shut-up and pick what you want to use.”  Ok, she didn’t say shut-up, but I’m pretty sure she wanted to.

I picked JoJoland Rhythm Superwash in Cosmic Burst.  Great colors and the striping is wonderful.  This is the first hat for Pea #1.

And here is the second hat made for Pea #2.

I bought five skeins in the same dye lot, but look how different the hats look.  That’s due to the nice color changes.

I wanted to put a pom-pom on top, but each Pea said NooooOOOOOoooo.


I plan on knitting two more hats for my nieces for Christams and I won’t be asking if they want pom-poms!  They’re going to get pom-poms even if they don’t like AND they’ll look cute while wearing them.

Do you like pom-poms on your hats?

Updated to add:  I CO 88 stitches to make these hats to fit a 10 and a 12 year old.  For an adult I would CO 104 stitches and for toddlers (The Cousins) I’ll CO 64 or 72. 

10 responses to “LOOK!

  1. I *really, really, really* love those hats! They are adorable!!! Now you made me want to take up knitting again. If I could have a hat like that, I would knit. You did an amazing job. And yes, pompoms are definitely in order. Your peas are crazy to turn them down.

  2. Beautiful! I love the pattern and the colors, and your stitches are lovely! I do love me some pompoms, but the Goobs have been anti-pompom for a couple years now. Kids are so lame.

  3. I LOVE THEM!!!!

    You did a great job, the colors look amazing! And so quick, too! You know, instead of pom-poms, maybe the girls would tolerate some cute curly i-cords at the top? Or multiple pom-poms on a cord? I’ll see if I can find a link.

    (and I never wanted to say shut up – I was being reticent so as to curb my natural bossiness. It’s a wonder you aren’t saying “that Deb, I asked her one question and she wouldn’t shut up!”)

  4. Great hats…love the color! 🙂 Thanks for subscribing to my blog! It has really been dead over there due to my lack of motivation, but I will try to post something once in a blue moon…just for you. I’m still loving your posts and your amazing sense of humor! 🙂

  5. I love the stripey yarn in those wonderful colors! Mini-poms on a string sounds Perfect.

  6. Wow! They turned out gorgeous!

    Pompoms? I like them and and, generally, I am not opposed to wearing items decorated with them.

  7. I looked alright and I saw MORE than I needed too!! Sir Husband’s tookus…we know you like him Applie…but please keep your favorite features to yourself!!! ~gaaaahhh~ :)p

  8. I LOVE THE HATS! and love the colors.
    I can only make knitted hats if I use a round loom.
    Otherwise, they’d be all wop-sided, like my handmade scarves that have a steady curve in one direction, lol. So it IS possible to put on my scarves “upside-down” LOL!
    My girls say that using a loom is cheating, but I said (in my case) cheater = neater. 😀

  9. So pretty!! I love that yarn and I am in awe of you mad knitting skills! Am I the lone crocheter out there who can’t knit now?

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