Non-phalanges Gloves

I’ve been busy knitting away the last few weeks.

I made The Peas Grammy Hats, which are well loved.  The Peas got mad when I told them they could not wear their hats outside in the 85 degree weather.  I know!  I’m a mean mom.

After making the hats, I got busy knitting some gloves to match.  Actually, I have one more glove to make.  These gloves are loved as much as the hats.  One Pea is not happy that I still have one more to make, but hey, it’s still in the mid to upper 70’s here.  She doesn’t need them now.  Right?

The pattern I used was Easy Fingerless Mitts by Maggie Smith.  You can find her free pattern on Ravelry.

The gloves are made with the same yarn as the hats; JoJoLand Superwash Rhythm.  The yarn is made to have wide stripes and you don’t know exactly what the stripes will look like.  That is why the gloves do not match in the stripes.

After making the first glove I told the girls they may not want the gloves, since they will not match exactly.  The response I got was, “SWEET!  They wouldn’t look right if they matched!”  LOL

I liked the hats so much, I made two more for The Cousins.  The Cousins are younger, so I used a different color scheme and a different yarn.

The yarn is Cascade 220 Superwash.  I have two hats done, but only one pictured here.  The second hat’s colors are reversed.  I hope they like their hats. We’ll find out at Christmas.

Next up on my to knit list is a scarf for me and a few presents I can’t mention here.   If you are on Ravelry and would like to be my friend, you can find me under Appliejuice.  Surprised?  LOL


12 responses to “Non-phalanges Gloves

  1. I love, love, love your knitting projects! Those gloves are so cool. They would not be very practical in MN though…my fingertips would freeze and break off.

  2. Beautiful gloves Michelle! You’ve done a wonderful job (as usual).

  3. I love the funky little pom-pom on the top of the Cousins hat! So adorable! Non-matching stripes are way cooler, I agree. Fraternal, not Identical.

  4. I love the hats and gloves. Must be a phase that things are NOT supposed to match… at our house (and schools), it’s the socks :o)

  5. Cute stuff! The hats and gloves are nice, too. 😉

  6. Great yarn! Matchy-matchy stripes just don’t have the same artistic appeal of non-matching stripes. Handknits should be artwork, not replicas of machine knits. Excellent job. The mauvy-pink hat is beautiful!

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  8. haha! I saw “phalanges” and thought, “I bet she’s a Bones fan!” haha! I love it all! I have those exact mitts in my queueueueue … if I can ever get going! (ps-I just “friended” you on Rav…I’m “witheagerhands”)
    Happy knitting!

    • LOL I actually named them after teaching about bones in the siblings class at our homeschool co-op. I thought it was the perfect name. I do like Bones a lot, but can only watch TV on the computer, so I miss a lot of the shows. 😦 Going to friend you back on Ravelry.

      • Cool! I don’t think I’ll be able to call fingerless mitts … fingerless mitts anymore! and you sound like me – we don’t own a tv, so when I see Bones, it’s on Hulu 🙂

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