Another set of Awesome Edible Cells!

Updated:  I now have the Edible Cell Project and Certificates for sale on my Etsy.  Both have been updated. Seven certificates are now available.   Go to Appliejuice Etsy Store for more information.

We have had another group of awesome edible cells for the Biology class.

I did the same things as last year and handed each student A Mad Science Project.   This is one project they all seem to look forward to.

We had two plant cells and three animal cells.  One was made from  a cookie.

One made out of a Vanilla Cake:  This won The Most Beautiful Cell certificate.

One was made out of rice krispies.  This one won Meticulous Cell certificate

And two were made out of jello.

The first jello cell above won the The Most Hideous Cell Certificate.

The members of the co-op voted on the Most Beautiful and the Most Hideous.  I voted on Meticulous Cell.

Four out of the five students took a bite from each of the cells.  They will all receive giant chocolate candy bars for their reward.

The one student who was smart enough not to eat any of the cells will be getting a giant rice krispie treat bar.

After they tasted the Beautiful Cell, they all voted I should have a Most Delicious Cell.  I have to agree that is a great idea and I will do that next year.

As always this is a fun class!

7 responses to “Another set of Awesome Edible Cells!

  1. Some of these are really pretty! I wish I could click and see close-ups! 🙂

  2. Awesome job!!!
    I think that was our favorite class last year! So glad that you shared the idea so that we could do it in our co-op too!!

  3. Wow! So fun! (Looked pretty yummy, in some cases, too!)

  4. LOL, those all nice looking edible cells.

  5. I always love seeing your classes’ creativity on these projects. Still wish we lived close enough for my son to participate.

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