Meet Phil

Back in October The Husband brought home Phil.  The kids named him Phil.

This is a 30′ Timberlodge Sky Camper

We were all excited and had to check it out.

Phil sleeps 10, I think. In the above picture you can see the loft.  It sleeps three.  Under the ladder one more can sleep.

The dinette breaks down and sleeps two and the sofa unfolds and sleeps two.  Then there is a full queen sized bed for two.  That does make ten. In reality the dinette and sofa are too small, so maybe a total of six people.   A camper that sleeps six is what we wanted.  Just in case we ever actually talk the son into going camping with us.

We haven’t been anywhere camping yet because there had to be some repairs done.

There was a major leak in the back “closet” in the master bedroom.  Since The Husband is a handy husband, he got to work.

And since he is The Husband he did a nice job with the repairs.

It is all back together now.  🙂   Below is a photo of the pass-through before The Husband started working on it.  Notice the sides and the roof.  Also notice the goofy kid at the other end of the pass-through.  (Photographed from the right side)

And here it is after The Husband fixed it up. (photographed from the left side) There is now a nice ceiling and lining on the wall to the right.  Even the goofy kid is gone. The wires on the ceiling to the right of the opening will be for a light.  The Husband wants to be able to reach in there and turn on the light, in case we are setting up camp at night.  Can’t see in there otherwise.

We have slept in it twice and one of those times we acted like we were camping somewhere. lol  I’ll be posting about that event soon.

We love Phil and can’t wait to take him out on a real trip.

8 responses to “Meet Phil

  1. Very nice! I like it. =)

  2. Do you call him Phil…’cause it will take a lot to “Phil” your tank if you take Phil anywhere? Ha ha…hardy, har har! Ummmm yeah, it’s incredible that your hubby is handy, that was quite a leak!! What’s the out side look like now? :O)

  3. Wow, did you know that it had such a leak when you bought it?
    It is so nice having handy husbands though and it sure saves a lot of money in repair bills.
    Your camper looks awesome and so roomy.

  4. He is wonderfully handy – you are blessed!

    Phil is huge, Applie! I’m sure there are many happy family adventures in Phil’s near future.

  5. Wow, I am glad your hubby got Phil back together. It looked kind of alarming there for a minute. Trash Can Turkey for Thanksgiving?

  6. That’s a huge camper! The Bro did a nice job; it looks good. =)

  7. It’s fantastically big!!! The Husband is very handy. The Man would just lay down his hammer and make a hotel reservation. @@

    Much fun is in your future. 🙂

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