Mouse in the House

A friend of mine told me all about the Elf on the Shelf and all the fun they have at their home with Curtis.  Yes, Curtis is the name of their little elf.

Well,  we do not celebrate Santa here, but I really wanted in on the fun.  I thought a long time about how we could have the fun without the Elf/Santa thing.

Searching for a project on Ravelry I found Henry.  He looks pretty cute and floppy and I might be able to pose him. So,  I knitted him up.

He’s still missing his tail, but that will be added very soon.  He measures around 12″ from feet to ears.    I’ll have to work on how to pose him each day.  He is a little floppy.

You’re probably wondering about his eyes.  Right?  I mean, if he walked up to you right now, you would be looking at those eyes.  Wondering what goes on in that fluff brain of his.  I know you would, because I’d be doing the same thing.

Yes, they are freaky.  It all started out when I ordered a bunch of different colored safety eyes.  I couldn’t decide what color so I asked everyone.  Most people liked the copper eyes, so I used those.  Afterwards I decided I didn’t like the copper eyes.  Only two people picked the blue eyes.  One was The Son and the other was The Husband’s Sis.

So, I searched how to remove safety eyes and found this video.

As you can see, I was only able to remove one.  Decided to leave Henry as is; a little crazy.  He’ll get into lots of mischief during the holidays.    That is unless I decided to make Minions instead.  Minions are small and more elf like.  They are also very cute like Henry.

Minions or Henry?  Henry and Minions?

Stay tuned and find out what kind of trouble Henry finds himself in.  The fun begins December 1st!

Update:  Thanks to Sheri for letting me know that Henry isn’t just Henry.  He is Lord Henry.  So let it be known!


11 responses to “Mouse in the House

  1. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. I see you more as a “Minions” girl myself! 😉 Henry could be their leader – and two colors is like those Siberian Husky dogs. Some people are like that too! Quite adorable.

  3. Henry is quite adorable and I like the mismatched eyes – gives him a goofy personality.

  4. That is a very impressive knitting job! So cute. I like the mismatched eyes.
    I’m not sure how that Elf on the Shelf got to be so big this year…I’m thinking Pinterest. I’ve never heard of it before this year.

  5. Henry AND Minions. Henry is obviously a very cool & brainy mouse, so he should be the Mouse Lord (makes me think of slum lord for some reason, lol) and he would certainly needs Minions (big fan of minions!) to carry out his mischief.

  6. Henry is cute! How can Henry cause real trouble without minions? He needs him some minions. =)

  7. You are welcome!

    I am looking forward to stories of Lord Henry and his band of Mischievous Minions. 😀

  8. Your family is growing! Phil…and now Henry!
    Henry is adorable and his mismatched eyes make him even more so! Looking forward to hearing about his antics.

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