Mouse in the House Adventures

Lord Henry and M1 have been up to a lot of mischief.

Day 1:  They arrive with a note and lots of crocheted stars to hang on the tree.  M1 was buried under the stars.  *rolleyes*     This was also the day we headed out to go camping, which I’ll talk about later.  We left Lord Henry and M1 at home.  The woods is no place for rodents and minions.

Day 2: We were up early getting ready for the day and  I hear J. say, “What!  Why is Lord Henry and M1 in the pantry!?”   To my surprise they were able to get into the camper and hide in the pantry.

I wouldn’t let them go hiking with us, so they stayed in the camper and played.

Day 3:  I don’t have a photo of this, since we were in a hurry to pack up and go.  Lord Henry and M1 must have been up all night, because we found them in our coffee cups ready for some coffee. They probably needed a pick-me up.

Day 4:  We are back home.  I heard some scurrying around during the night, but didn’t know what was going on.  The Violinist and J found out what all the noise was.  Lord Henry and M1 were caught moving ornaments around on our tree!

Looks like M1 was having some trouble and Lord Henry had to save him.  Silly M1.  It also looks like Lord Henry thought one of the ornaments looked better on his head.  I’m not so sure.

Day 5:  Lord Henry and M1 were at it again.  This time R. found them in the pantry at home.  I guess they are liking pantries.   The naughty pair was trying to get some cheerios!  Hmmm…I guess that ornament hat came in handy.

I am thinking Lord Henry is a little lazy, because I see M1 doing all the work and it looks dangerous to me.

Wonder what they will be up to tomorrow?

Anything going on in your house?

4 responses to “Mouse in the House Adventures

  1. So cute! I love your retelling of their adventures.

  2. That’s cute! All we have going here is the Advent calendar.

  3. LOL, they were having a “Cheez-Its moment”! and a Cheerios moment, apparently. Maybe you should feed your guests better.

    I think Lord Henry looks smashing in his ornament hat.


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