The Violinist turns 14

Today was The Violinist’s 14th birthday.

During the night, while she slept, I threw in several balloons on her floor.  Then I closed her door and…

covered her door in streamer paper.  That is Lord Henry and M1 hanging in there.  I’ll post about them another day.

In the morning she opened the door to this.

and I heard, “MoomMMMM!”

She had to use all her super powers to get out of the incredibly strong crepe paper streamer stuff.  I didn’t have to help her at all.  That means she is growing up. *sniff*


6 responses to “The Violinist turns 14

  1. Cute! Love it. Cool birthday morning surprise. =)

  2. Yay!! I’m glad that you remembered to do that. What a fun idea.

  3. Looks fun! Too bad my boys all share a room. I’d be tempted to try that.

  4. Happy Birthday!!! Someone did that to me in college when I turned 21. 🙂
    (yes, they had paper back then!)

  5. 14! So grown up! Happy B-day to your girl!

    (ps – I LOVE M1. He is just the cutest thing ever)

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