Library Bucket

Can you tell where we are at in our homeschooling life by looking at the books we checkout from the library?

  • CollegeBoard Scholarship Handbook  2012
  • The Thinking Parent’s Guide to College Admissions by Eva Ostrum
  • How To Get Money for College by Peterson’s
  • Essays That Worked, 50 Essays from Successful Applications to the Nation’s Top Colleges, Published by Ballantine Publishing Company
  • College and Careers, How to Help not Hover, by Barbara Cooke
  • Four-Year Colleges, Find the Right Four-Year College for you 2012, by Peterson’s

It’s hard to believe it was just four years ago, Sir Son entered ninth grade and two years ago he entered Dual-enrollment.  Now he is graduating this May.  *sniff* and *Hoo-Rah*.   Now my second child will be entering highschool in the fall, so here we go again.

4 responses to “Library Bucket

  1. So what’s next for Sir Son?

    • He will finish up his AA at FSCJ and hopefully make it down to University of Florida in January of 2013. He has not finalized what he wants to do in life, which is why I got the How to Help, Not Hover book. lol

  2. Do I detect a theme in this list? lol

    I will join you in your Hoo-Rah. “Hoo-Rah!” =D

  3. This is exciting!!!! I will also have a Freshman come fall…..

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