Cabinets in Phil

Sir Husband has been busy fixing the inside of Phil, the camper, for the past month or so.  One of  the things he worked on was the kitchen cabinets.

Before:  Wide open space all the way through.  Our dishes would slide all over the place.

After:  added walls and shelves. Now there is room for everything and everything in it’s place.  Unlike our real home, where everything has a place, but it isn’t in the place.

The lower left cabinet holds our Tervis glasses.  Upper right holds smaller plates.

Well done Sir Husband!

3 responses to “Cabinets in Phil

  1. That is well done! It’s so nice to have handy husbands. I think that they should buy us diamond jewelry with all the money they save.

  2. Great Job as always!!!

  3. I just found your blog! Thank you for all your hard work posting Apologia Biology ideas. Excited to try some of the things you posted. Looking forward to reading about biology and all your adventures!

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