A neighbor calls me and says, “Hey, my son needs lots of  High School Volunteer hours.  Can you help?”    Sure says I, we will volunteer at the H.E.R.I. Bookbuster.  It’s in June.

Later I get the invitation to volunteer and I do.  What I didn’t know what the amount of work involved.  Friday work hours are 8 -6p.  Saturday work hours are 9-6p.  You had to be able to lift heavy boxes and stand on your feet all day long.  My feet just hurt reading it.

My friend said she worked it once, then went home and cried.  What did I get myself into?

Did I mention it was going to be hot, hot, hot.  It’s hot in June and the bookbuster was in a church gym.   That means no A.C.  FHow was I going to work in 100+ degree temps for two days?

To make me feel better I forced Matthew to work it too.  He was so thrilled to work for two days in 100+ temps. and get nothing for it.  I’m an awesome mom like that.

Well, the work days were not bad at all.  The gym was air conditioned and I got to work inside all day.

The first day we, arranged to accept all the sellers books.  Then we sort them by grades and by subjects.  It was a lot of bending, picking up, and placing on the tables.  After a while, I got to help check the books in.  All I had to do was look at each book make sure it had seller info on it and it was appropriate to sell in our homeschool bookbuster.  I did some heavy lifting at the time too.

The coordinator of the bookbuster has it so well organized that we finished a couple of hours early.   That meant the volunteers got to go shopping first.  WOOT.

Did I score big?  Why yes I did!

  • Total Health/Teacher/Quizzes/Text  $5.00   (new  $137.00)
  • America The Beautiful by Notgrass  $15.00   (new  $95.00)
  • Economics Kit by Notgrass $15.00   (new $95.00)
  • Apologia Biology kit  $30.00 like new (new  $61.00)
The coordinator said we had:
  • 280 Buyers (118 Members, 162 Non members)
  • 7072 items sold
  • 30 convention registrations

 The Bookbuster was a total success!

Yes, I was stiff and a little sore after the two days.  Next year, I plan on volunteering again, if they’ll have me.


5 responses to “SCORE!!

  1. That’s good that Matthew earned some volunteer hours. Yay! You saved a lot of money. Yay, again!

  2. That’s a lot of lifting! I’m glad you scored!

  3. That looks like a lot of fun! I loved used books sales, especially homeschool used book sales.

  4. How fun!!! Great deals you got!!!

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