Our 2012/2013 Homeschool Curriculum

The Violinist has now officially entered High School.  I just hope that I have this all figured out, now that Matthew has graduated.  It isn’t easy getting all the correct credits,  “i”s dotted and the “t”s crossed,  the transcripts, and the volunteers hours done to get them out the High School door.

Sometimes it was a revolving door.  I push him out the door thinking he is done, but that revolving door just shoots him back in for something else that needs to be done.  Ug.  We are still working on the Florida’s Bright Futures Scholarship.  Thankfully he is no longer recognized as a felon and we are now waiting on Bright Futures to find his SAT scores.

I told him the reason he was a felon was because of his hair.

Turns out that he agreed he was a felon on his application.  It is worded as “I am a convicted felon….” instead of “I am not a convicted felon…” .  Matthew just skimmed over the statement and agreed.

Ok, back to our curriculum.

The Violinist – ninth grade

  • Government/Economics – by Notgrass
  • Saxon Algebra I
  • Apologia Biology – she is NOT looking forward to this class.  I’ll have at least three girls in my class who will be like “I ain’t touching that”.
  • English I – American literature
  • Total Health
  • Violin/Youth Orchestra
  • Drivers Ed
  • Latin (LOL, I say this every year, but we don’t do it)

Pea Number 1 – seventh grade

  • America the Beautiful by Notgrass
  • Saxon Alegbra 1/2
  • Apologia General Science
  • English Literature mostly writing
  • Spelling and grammar of some kind
  • Art
  • Latin (see above)

The Pea Number Two – sixth grade

  • American the Beautiful by Notgrass
  • Saxon 7/6 Math
  • Apologia General Science
  • Abeka English, includes literature, spelling, and grammar
  • Spanish, if we get the Rosetta Stone working on the computer
  • Latin (see above)

As you can see, The Peas have a couple of classes together.  I am beyond excited about this.  Two of their toughest classes are together, which means I can sit them down TOGETHER, and teach them TOGETHER.  Last year my biggest problem was bouncing between the two peas.  Each needing my constant attention.  So happy about our TOGETHERNESS!

What’s on your curriculum list?


9 responses to “Our 2012/2013 Homeschool Curriculum

  1. That’s a funny story about Matthew and his criminal record. Glad that you got it all straightened out!
    Sounds like a good plan for the girls. We are still trying to decide what to do wtih A and I don’t even want to think about Z yet. I am in denial that we ever have to go back to school.

  2. Looks like a great line up!

  3. Glad Matthew is not a felon anymore 😉 Great plan for the girls! Still trying to decide on everything, blog post coming soon.

  4. Ha! I worry constantly about my homeschoolers filling out their own applications. JM needed three copies of the application for his driver’s permit. LOL

    I can’t believe the Peas are in 6th and 7th grade. Time FLIES.

    We’re not doing anything unusual next year; it’s just the same old stuff. Good luck with the Latin!

  5. Oh my, I can’t believe that he himself agreed to be a felon. Could it be that his hair momentarily blocked his line of sight when filling in that question, because, you know, it’s his hair’s fault, yeah, that’s it. 😉

    I like together classes too!! There’re the best!

  6. Ha! I love the “felon” story!
    My Actor Eldest always complained that I did everything for him, so in his senior year, I gave him all the responsibility… then had to do it anyway; “Mom, what does this mean?”… “Mom, I forgot, and the deadline is tonight at midnight!”… “Mom…!!!”
    But he made it & now he’s an accomplished college student in his 2nd year.
    My Gamer Youngest will be entering 9th grade with a hodge-podge curriculum:
    *World History & Current Events (co-op)
    *BJU Algebra I
    *BJU English/Grammar 9 (co-op)
    *Abeka Themes in Literature 9 (co-op)
    *Apologia Biology (I’m teaching this for the homeschool group again this year, along with HS Anatomy)
    *Drama (co-op)
    *Spanish – Rosetta Stone (our whole family does this together)
    *Auto repair & upkeep (elective from RollingHills Pub) – Most Excellent Husband teaches this
    All in all another busy year! But we still have 33 days of summer vacation before I have to really think about it! =)

    • Hey Lisa, How do you teach Biology AND Anatomy? Different days? You are busy!

      • Lisa Daniels

        Hi Michelle – Yes, school years are busy for me… especially since I work night shift on L&D, 3 nights a week, too!! =D
        I teach ALL my classes on Mondays and I tutor as needed on Thursdays. Here’s how it looks:
        9-945am set up
        10-1130am Biology (6-8 students)
        12noon-130p Anatomy (4-6 students)
        2-330p Biology (again!) (6-8 students)
        330-4p clean-up
        I teach 2 Bio classes b/c the response/need has been great, but I limit the class size to maintain order, sanity, and individualized attention.
        I usually work Thursday & Friday nights, to keep my home-school lessons on track. We “do school” & activities 4 days a week.
        I love, love, LOVE your website and the Biology blog/info has saved me lots of time & headaches. Thanks for paving the way!

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