Entertaining Kids

At least two times a week I yell at my kids, “God, did not put me on this earth to entertain you!”.

I was thinking about this last night and decided that my kids were put here to entertain ME.  Since my kids have gotten older, aka teenagers, the act of me  breathing in front of their friends, causes my kids to scrunch down and hide from shear embarrassment.

Embarrassment, people,  is where the entertainment comes from.

Ways I entertain myself, kids must be present:

♥When I am in my car and I see my son’s friend walking home, I ask if he needs a ride.  This could be a mile down the road,  at the end of the street at the bus stop, or standing in his driveway.   Sometimes he takes the offer.  Most of the time he says, “No thanks. I’m good.” because he is standing by yard.    Response from my son:  “Why?”

♥The neighbor across the street will call every so often and ask if I will pick up his children from the bus stop.  Sure I say and drag my girls with me.  Picture this with me people.    We’re standing on the corner and the bus stops several yards down from the corner.  Out pops the kid.  I raise my hands and start yelling their name.  “FRIEND! FRIEND!”   At that time I start to jump up and down, “I HAVE MISSED YOU!”.   Then the friend starts running away, because I am running to her.  I grab her and give her lots of big hugs.  Embarrassing the friend and my kids.  Double score on the entertainment chart!

♥Wave at everyone on the street, including the people in other cars.  Why this embarrasses my kids, I have no idea.  The people can’t even see them.

♥Sing in whale.  This works very well in public with lots of people around.  Really works well in a parking garage.  You get great sound in there and the kids almost run for their lives before the first note comes out.  So cool.

♥Take off sandles and fling them down the isles of the grocery store.

♥Talk like you’re from the hills when there are lots of people around.  This works very well when the dad is involved.  I get MOM! from all kids.

♥The biggest embarrassment I can do to my kids is give them big noisy kisses.  I do this in the privacy of our home and they are embarrassed. lol

Have you embarrassed your kids today?

5 responses to “Entertaining Kids

  1. “Sing in whale.” Huh. This is intriguing. I think we need a video of this.

  2. Absolutley!! It’s what I do. It’s what I llliiiiivvvvee for! (must think of the witch in ‘The Little Mermaid’ when you read that!) These are lots of great ideas. I simply sing or dance and they begin to flip out and leave the room. (dancing is a relative term btw.) Thanks for a few more ideas! My kids will LOVE it! 😉

  3. Oh yes! it is all we have left when they get to this age. We must embarrass them in public.

  4. Sid the neighbor

    I didn’t know that you did such fun things when you picked up the girls at the bus stop! I may have to ask you to pick them up more often – so that I can hide somewhere and watch their reactions!!

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