Birds in the Yard

Our backyard is next to a large pasture.  We love this pasture because of all the wild life we see in it,but mostly because no one lives on it. 😀  You can find us most days staring out the window to see what else has landed in it.

The other day one of my daughters points out that there are funny looking birds in the back.  I took a look and sure enough there were birds out there we hadn’t seen in the pasture before.


These are Juvenile White Ibis.  There was six of them, on in a straight line, pecking at the ground.  That meant the first  in line got all the good grub, while the last one got left over pieces-parts.

They really didn’t like me there, so they quietly turned their backs and walk another way, still eating.


Dumb birds.  All I wanted was a nice photo.


Found in Florida year round.  Usually seen wading in water for yummies, but can also be seen in yards; like ours!

5 responses to “Birds in the Yard

  1. Hey, what’s for dinner? I don’t know, I’m tired of the same-o same-o. Well, how about some land grubs? Sounds good, let’s go. [flap, flap]
    Look down there, that looks promising. *land* eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, eat,
    AHHH! LOOK! It’s a thing! The thing is getting closer!
    Go away thing! GO AWAY!
    The thing isn’t leaving. I see that. Let’s go the other way.

  2. Not Inadequate

    amazing! I love those long legged birds!

  3. That’s so cool!

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