Pancake Organs


Deb at Notinadequate got the bright idea to do a Nailed It/Failed It thing with Pinterest projects.  Like a bunch of twits, several of us agreed to participate.  The rules were simple.

  1.  We would do a project from one of our boards, that was picked by the others.
  2. No one was allowed to pick a dissecting project for me. That wasn’t my rule.  They just can’t handle the guts.  HA! Jokes on them!
  3. We would do the project and then post on the 27th.

My project was, drum roll please…. Pancake Art.  Funny thing, this wasn’t even on any of my boards!  Deb, again Deb, it’s always Deb. Why?  Ok, ok…Deb found the project for me.  I couldn’t figure out how it was done, so Donna had to enlighten me.  All it takes is a hot griddle and something with a thin hole to squeeze the batter out with.

To prepare, I made all my kids swear they would leave me alone while I did this Pancake thing.  It didn’t work.  How many times can four children say why?

I set up the laptop in front of the stove so I can copy the pancakes.  I have my hot griddle going and the batter is off to the side.  I am using our own batter recipe.

The most requested pancake to start with was this:

No it isn’t a sick puppy, it is a Uterus.  What?  You can’t see that it is a Uterus?  See the Fallopian Tubes and Ovaries?  No.  I think it is plain as day.

Cross your eyes and squint real hard, maybe you’ll see the Uterus.  Then again, maybe you really don’t want to see the Uterus. Who does?

Next up I created THE BRAIN, bwahahahah.   cough-cough

Oh come on!  You can’t tell me you don’t see the Occipital Lobe, Frontal Lobe, and the Spinal Cord?   Maybe this is your brain on drugs?

How about another body part?  The guts.  Ha-Ha peeps! The joke is on you.  See the guts?  You can’t hide from guts on this blog.  They say look at me; love me.

I think I did a smashing job on the guts.  We can think of them as guts during flu season.  Yeah, that works.

Sick of body parts?  How about a bug!

This is a beetle.  Looks real, doesn’t it?  Wanna eat it?

This was a lot of fun, but a lot of work too.  I don’t know if I would do this on a regular basis, but I would give it a go again.  I used a zip-lock baggie because I didn’t have anything else to use to squeeze out the batter.  A ketchup bottle with a thin dispenser would work great.  In the meantime I will continue to make pancakes like I always have.

The next day I found a blob of pancake batter on my camera.

Did I Nail It or Failed It?

To see the other victims participates in Deb’s mad scheme, please click on the buttons below. These were made by the awesome Deb (these are Deb’s words).


16 responses to “Pancake Organs

    I showed it to my Goobs, and then they died. I hope you’re happy. LOL

    You totally nailed it, by the way. I love the brain!

  2. Naiiled it! Quite clear to me as well (thanks to dear daughter’s anatomy study this year). Think I might make a few pancakes myself this morning – but just round ones…

  3. I don’t like chocolate chips in my pancakes, so I’d like the bug, please. 😀

  4. You sooo nailed it. Great job!

  5. NAILED IT! So cute. I recognized your uterus right away. It’s a smashing resemblance. What fun.

  6. I particularly loved the brain! Definitely Nailed this one! =)
    You also have given me a GREAT idea for Anatomy class this year!! (muahahahaha) !!

  7. Those are great! Thanks for being such a good sport and making the body part pancakes. I think you nailed it!

  8. How many times can you read Nailed It? Great job and I did not think the uterus looked like a sick puppy until you said it 😉

  9. Not Inadequate

    Girl, you SO NAILED IT! I love the brain! The guts! The beetle! Actually, the beetle is so good, I feel like I might try it myself. Someday.

    I’m going to assume all those mentions of me were “thank you” in disguise, so YOU’RE WELCOME.

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  11. I’m thinking that you nailed it Michelle. You were really getting good at it too, especially the bug. I would have known what that one was without being told. :mrgreen:

  12. I kind of thought your uterus pancake looked like Liza Thronberry from the old Nickelodeon show The Wild Thornberrys! LOL! But I see the uterus too. You nailed it!

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