Yummy Cookies

Flourless Chocolate Brownie Cookie

The picture doesn’t make the cookies look yummy, but they are.  I made these to take to a friend’s house to have after her yummy lunch.

The night before the lunch, my family refused to eat what I made for dinner.  This was not a happy mom.  NOT HAPPY.  So after the dinner they flipped their noses at, I baked the cookies.  Every time one of the kids came into the kitchen and smelled the yumminess from the oven they asked, “Do we get one?”  My reply, “Did you eat your dinner?”  They replied, “That’s not fair!”  Me, “Did you eat your dinner?”

Before I met with my friend, I offered cookies to another friend’s kid.  They eat their dinner.  The son ate his and said, “What if it rained these cookies?  That would make me so happy.”   LOL  That is kid speak for “Mom get the recipe and make these for me everyday. THESE ARE GOOD!”

They are flourless.  They are NOT sugarless.

You can find the recipe at Creative Kitchen.   The title of the blog says Creating in the Kitchen using wholesome, REAL foods.   Um, powdered sugar and chocolate chips are not REAL foods.  Just saying.

Go make some.

4 responses to “Yummy Cookies

  1. You are correct, the photo does NOT make the cookies look yummy. LOL…that is funny about the blog. Uhm, no…powdered sugar and chocolate are not real.

  2. Message received. It will be raining cookies here this week. Boy says, ‘thank you.’ 🙂

  3. Laughing – out loud! Gonna try this technique!

  4. They were awesome! Thanks again!!!

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