I like collecting pond water, letting it sit, and then looking for the smallest of God’s critters in it using a Microscope.  I find it fascinating and totally awesome.

This week the Biology students also got to enjoy this microscopic world.  The first assignment was to collect pond water.

This is my daughter.  She doesn’t like her picture taken.

We went to my favorite place to get the pond water.

Since the daughter wanted to get this over with as quick as possible, she took photos of the area to sketch later.  She didn’t like the idea of putting the lids on the jars and carrying them back to the van.  She knows what’s going to happen in there and doesn’t really want anything to do with it. lol

The daughter put in a food scorce for each jar. Rice, egg, dead grass, and soil.  After several days the class brought in their specimens.  You know, they don’t smell good when the lids are off.  LOL

While I was busy with the other students in the class, the daughter grabbed my camera and took pictures.   I had no idea she was doing that!

As much as I and some of the students enjoyed it, I don’t think they all did.  🙂

We found single cell organisms, amoebas, one paramecium, and several other things we could identify.  The most exciting thing found was a worm.  We don’t know what it was, but it was eating and wiggling  around a lot.  That brought shrieks from a couple of the girls.

At one point during the class time, I did an experiment that sort of was an oooo-ahhh moment.  Not great, but fun.  I’ll show you what we did tomorrow, so stay tuned!



5 responses to “Bacteria!

  1. oh, intriguiging….I can’t wait for tomorrow!

  2. This post is cool for two reasons: first, because crawly thing under a microscope sounds neato; and second, because there weren’t any frog guts!

  3. Do I already know what the other experiment was? (deleted hints from this comment. 🙂 )

  4. I remember the smell from this experiment.

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