I mentioned in a previous post that I use PowerPoint during my Biology class.  Since then I have gotten several requests for them.  I never thought of sharing those, because they are more like show and tell.

I thought I could make a few and type up some nifty notes and make them look professional.  I even thought about selling them.  After thinking about it a while I have come to the following conclusions:

  • I am not a professional.
  • I don’t make nifty notes on the slides.
  • I like sharing my homeschooling stuff on this blog, so I won’t sell them.
  • The amount of work to make the PowerPoints would be incredible and I am lazy.
  • So…there will be no PowerPoints to share.  😦

Here’s the good news.  I’ll tell you what I do and you can make your own!  Cool huh?

Each day is based on what module we are in.  For example on the first day, I go over what is expected of the students, how the lab write-ups are to be written, how the microscope is to be handled, and begin Module 1.

One slide will have examples of sketches of what I will accept and what I will not accept.  These samples are usually taken from students in previous years.

Will accept. 
The top three in the picture below I will accept, but the bottom two are a big NO.  I drew these.  lol
šI like to add animation.  I have a large thumbs-down clipart that bounces in and lands on the bottom two sketches.
I also like to share good and bad conclusions from previous students.  Names are not mentioned.  I cannot stand conclusions that are two sentences long and usually written like this, “i learned alot.  i think cheek cells are intresting.”   That’s makes me cringe.
Here is an example of a nice conclusion.  This was done after our field trip to Guana River State Park.
For Module 2 – Kingdom Monera, I found photos of , Amoebas, Paramecium, Volvox, anything that might be found in the pond water experiment.  I like to have examples for the students to compare to.
The newest addition to my PowerPoints are cartoon jokes.  Last Tuesday the students came in and saw this on the board.

I am suppose to be looking for my next joke, but decided to write this post instead.  🙂  Later on in the year the students will start to see worm guts, mudbug guts,  frog guts, and fish guts bigger than life on the board.  Shock and Awe is what I aim for.  Ok, in real life it is more Ewww and Gross.

As you can see my PowerPoints are mainly Show & Tell for the students.  Nothing professional or even worthy of sharing.  Now go out and make your own  Powerpoints with bug parts in it.  It’s fun!

3 responses to “PowerPoint

  1. Where do you go to make Power Points?
    Is it a program you have on your computer?

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