Masquerade Ball Mask

This is a seriously lame post for our monthly Pinterest Challenge, but I can’t help it.  So sorry.

In October my girls will go to a Homeschool Masquerade Ball.  This gave me the opportunity to make them each a mask.  I do this because I ROCK at being a mom!  However; my girls don’t think I rock all that much and told me not to make them a mask.

Not even this gorgeous thing.   This was what I wanted to make for the Pinterest Challenge.  I got a flat out NO from my girls and it busted my bubble.  After getting over my tantrum, I decided to make the darn (which wasn’t the word I actually used) mask and give it to someone else!  That’s because I still ROCK at being a mom with an attitude.

Turns out it was a great idea.  My Pea #1 decided she liked the mask after I had gotten the eye parts done.

Let me first say I don’t like crocheting with black thread unless I am under a spotlight.   And I want to say that the pattern, found here, was difficult for me to follow at times, so I winged it.

Here it is being blocked.  It’s the only picture I have right now.

I have three reasons why this mask is not done.

  1. I waited to long to start it.
  2. After going to two different stores, I still don’t have a black ribbon for the ties.  Who knew that Hobby Lobby and Wal-Mart ran out of black ribbon!
  3. My daughter spent the night at a friends house and I didn’t get a chance to have her hold it up for a picture.

The biggest problem I had with this mask, it that I had to size it down.  Then I had to wing it in the area around above the nose.  This isn’t my finest piece, but it is coming along nicely.  We have a few accent decorations to add and then we’ll be done with it.  I hope the daughter likes it and will enjoy wearing it at the party.

I’ll post the finished product in a couple of days.  That is if I find some black ribbon.

See what the other Pin-up ladies have done.

9 responses to “Masquerade Ball Mask

  1. Wow! You did great on that! I just started crocheting last winter, so it is WAY out of my league! Love Pinterest too and have actually used some of my pins as well! 🙂 Have fun!

  2. I think it looks cool! Does the Second Pea want one too, now? You should make a red one for yourself!

    Total Nailed It.

  3. Very Nice!!!! I love it!!! Sorry you can’t find black ribbon but it is almost October…….I’m so glad you decided to make it anyway!!!

  4. That is lovely! You DO rock at being a mom!

  5. That is really cool! I like it!

  6. That’s a pretty mask!
    I thought about you a few days ago while in Target. They had a decent selection of giant black spiders. lol 3-4 across. One of the giant spiders was decorated with purple lights.

  7. Nailed it! That is amazing. You are very talented.

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