A Fungus Among Us

Apologia Biology – Module 4 – Kingdom Fungi

Once again it was time to hunt for mushrooms. I always tell my class that they need to get out in God’s country and have a look around.  Take a nice walk and look, really look, for mushrooms.  I make one of my kids walk with me every time I look for them.  And they have a good time…usually.

This year I got these responses:

  • “I’ll get one from my neighbor’s yard.”
  • “There’s one right outside my door.  Can I just get that one?”
  • “Why can’t we get them from the grocery store?”
  • “What if we don’t find any?”

Usually at this point during the class discussion I let them know that if I can find mushrooms, then they can also.  I have gone out in the pouring rain and in the heat of the day to look for them.  That means they can too.

I forced my daughter, who is taking my Biology class, to actually walk around and look.  After all, it was her experiment!  We walk down my favorite mushroom filled  neighborhood.

We are walking and walking.  Not a single stinking mushroom anywhere! I told the daughter she had better start praying someone in the class finds some or we won’t  be able to do our experiment.  She didn’t care.

We found one little shroom and I forced her to pick it up.  She used a plastic bag to pick it up with.  LOL   She hates Biology and doesn’t see any use in it at all.  She also thinks she was found and really doesn’t belong in this family.  I’m thinking about that one.

After an hour, this is what we found.  Sad isn’t it.

The little round things are puffballs.  These are an exciting find, because when their spores are released, it looks like black smoke.  They look like powder dirt inside.

For more information on Puffballs, go here.

It is always fun to see the students’ reactions when they begin this experiment.  The smell is bad, but to me not so bad as the swamp water.

Even though the students complain about collecting mushrooms, I think they get over it and enjoy the experiment.  My daughter; however, still does not like it.

3 responses to “A Fungus Among Us

  1. I’d walk down that lane any day. Mushrooms or no, looked lovely.

  2. Wow, your neighborhood is gorgeous! So peaceful looking.

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