Masquerade, Everyone is on Parade..

The second annual homeschool Masquerade Ball was held tonight.  A live band was performing at 6:00p and the dance started at 7:00a.

At exactly 2:30p my daughters decided to get ready.  Good thing they started so early, because it took me FOR.EV.VAH. to do their hair.  The hair wasn’t really fancy, just the amount of drying time and curling with a curling iron was enormous.

This dance is my oldest second masquerade ball. The first one, she didn’t want anything done with her hair.  She wanted her hair curled this time.

And so did the other, but not as much.  I tried to do her hair like this one found on Pinterest, but it’s more of a FAILED than a NAILED.  Who cares.  Still looks cute.


I bought The Violinist gown at Good Will for $9.99 and it fit her perfectly.  Pea #1’s gown was on clearance at a regular store.  Originally $49.99 and I got it for $10.00.  Not too bad for fancy gowns!

The masks.  The Violinist refused to let make her own.  I have just the right one in mind, but NOoooooo.  So, we ended up with this beauty from a local costume shop.


Pea #1’s mask was made by me.  Remember September’s Pinterest Nailed It/Failed it challenge?  Well, this is the final product.  I think it turned out rather awesome!

I have some beautiful girls!


The neighborhood girls think so too.


And so does The Dad.



6 responses to “Masquerade, Everyone is on Parade..

  1. They are beautiful and Dad needs to keep the shotgun loaded and handy!!!!! Thanks for sharing the photos!!!!

  2. Pea #1’s mask is far superior to that store-bought variety. You did an incredible job. Dad better stay nearby with that shotgun!!

  3. Your girls look stunning! The crocheted mask turned out very well! I like the feather embellishment you put on it!

  4. They are beautiful! Love those girls!!! 🙂

  5. Your mask looks amazing! It’s so pretty! And I love the feather. That last picture is hilarious!

  6. Your mask is awesome! I love it! The girls look so pretty. I think a masquerade ball sounds like so much fun!

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