Heading to the Mountains

Last Sunday we ditched violin lessons and headed up north. We desperately wanted to see some Fall colors.  First stop was just a one night stop over to get us to where we wanted to be.

We stayed at the Reed Bingham State Park.  It is a pretty little park.  We picked the perfect lot, a drive-through, and hopped out of the van to have a look around.

The park host was super nice at this one.

I think William picked this park for a one night stand was because there was a dam involved.  If there is a dam anywhere on our trip, William will find it.Along the river bank there were these flowers.  I don’t know what they are, but they are so pretty.

The girls walked around and climbed some trees, just to stretch their legs.

The Pea is sitting on a huge wisteria vine.

We had a simple dinner of hotdogs, Mac ‘N Cheese, and green beans. Then went to bed kinda early and rose kinda early.  As we headed out, we heard a loud spissshhhh.  Lost a tire.

 Thankfully we had a good spare.  It was around 7:00am when the camp was quiet.  As soon as we stopped to change the tire, two men came out to help. One was the Park Host and the other was just a camper.

Both men helped by supervising while drinking their morning coffee.  LOL They were very nice and we enjoyed their talk.

We were thankful it happened inside the camp and not out on the road.  Later we bought a new tire at the  cost of $160.00.

Next stop Tallulah Gorge State Park!


4 responses to “Heading to the Mountains

  1. Nice photos. I hope that you have new photos of the inside of your camper…I’m curious to see how you’ve fixed it up. I hope that you are enjoying it.

  2. I know pretty much less than zero about flowers, but those look kind of iris-ish (?)

    I want to see pictures of Phil too.

  3. Fun! Looking forward to seeing your NC pictures. Isn’t it nice to escape sometimes?

  4. That is a pretty flower and I have no idea what it is; I know what it isn’t though. lol

    Too bad about that tire, and the cost to replace it.

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