A Mad Science Project

Apologia Biology
Module 5:  The Cell

It’s that time of year again when the Biology students create a living edible cell.

The rules are simple:  All pieces parts must be edible.  Must remain un-refrigerated. Must have all the pieces parts of a plant or animal cell.  Want the instructions in pdf, click here.  Mad Science Project.

I did not come up with this idea.  I just added my own touches from the previous Biology teacher.  I made the page linked above and made certificates.  Below is the Hideous certificate.  Yes, at least one student comes in with the grossest cell ever made.  They win this certificate.  Click on it and it will bring up the certificate for you to print, if you want to use it.  All members of our co-op vote on this.  Honestly, it is quite obvious who gets this award.

Other totally cool certificates I have made are:

The Beautiful Cell – This is for the prettiest cell.  Usually done by a girl. lol  All members of the co-op vote on this.

The Meticulous Cell – This is for the one that is totally perfect.  All organelles present and accounted for.  All are in portion, sort of.  I look to make sure the organelles are there, the nucleus is the largest and other organelles are around the correct size, shape, and position.  I select the cell for this certificate.

The Fantastic Cell – This is for all the other students who did not win the above certificates.  I feel if they are going to work so hard on this project, they need a certificate.

I like to give an award for anyone who tastes all of the cells.  I know!  It’s gross, but they do taste it.  I usually have several of the parents warn the kids not to try the cells, but the kids usually don’t listen and try it anyway.  Last year almost everyone in the class tried them all.  That includes the Hideous one.

This year I have three problems I need help with.

1.  I like to give only one giftie to the student who taste all cells.  Two years ago I found a box of yucky candy to give as a gift.  See here.  I haven’t been able to find anything as exciting since then.  Do you have any suggestions?  Do you have any  suggestion to keep this to only one winner?

2.  I want to give the students an extra challenge.  This is my last year of teaching Biology (at least a break anyways) and I want to go out with a bang.  I’d like to give something to the student who brings in a cell that I haven’t seen before.  Something that will knock my socks off.  Any suggestions on a prize?

3.  I don’t want one student going home with all the prizes/certificates.  For example, if a student comes in with the most beautiful one, I don’t want that student going home with the Meticulous and Knock My Socks off certificates.  Any suggestions on what I can do there?

Anyhoo, any suggestions on how to make this a very exciting year for edible cell production, will be greatly appreciated.

Mmmmm,  cells.

5 responses to “A Mad Science Project

  1. Did you look at the Target Dollar Spot for some cheap little goodies? Or how about Pinterest? I just spent 15 minutes looking at the site for some ideas for you with no luck…the “holiday” section is overrun by Christmas ideas already!

  2. That seems like a really fun project. I don’t know how you could avoid doubling up on awards except to make it so that once someone is chosen for one, they are out of the runnings for all the others.

  3. I got nuthin’. I’m sorry. How many students do you have? Four? If they are all going to taste the cells, and you only want to give away one gift, you may need to change what it takes to win. Perhaps some kind of overall Best in Show award?

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