Yarnie Projects

I have been doing some knitting and crocheting, but not as much as I would like. Here are my lastest projects.

A lady at our co-op is expecting to be a Grandmother by the end of November. I wanted to make a few baby hats, booties, and anything else I can do for her.

Easy Peasy Newborn Sock Hat by Keri McKiernan.  Love the sock hats.  This is a pattern that I have made before.  I thought I had blogged about it, but guess I haven’t.  I’ll write something about it later.

The rolled bottom and the knot at the top makes this very cute.   Yarn: Patons Kroy Socks FX

The booties are  Roll-Tops by Hayley Missingham, from Ravelry.  I picked this pattern because the rolled top matches the hat above and it is crocheted!  Knitting socks or booties is still difficult for me.  Yarn: Patons Kroy Socks FX.   Hook:  E  3.5mm   This yarn is slightly varigated, so I started on the same color section for each bootie, to make them more of a match.

Cutie Booties

Another baby hat is the Shell Stitch Beanie by The Dainty Daisy.  It is crocheted and since I am a fast crocheter, I made this in less than one hour while at the library.  This one is very cute and does well with a huge flower on the side.

Next up is a cap for my sister for Christmas.  I LOVE this pattern.  Quick, Easy, and Stylish.  The buttons on the side add a great touch to it.  In Bloom Beret and Cap by Brittney Waterhouse.  Yarn:  Cascade 220

Pea #1 is modeling it for me.  Isn’t she pretty?  She kept oooing and awing over it after she had it on her head. That means I’ll be making her one also.

There are other things I have crochted or knitted, but they are for my other sister who might read this blog.  🙂


6 responses to “Yarnie Projects

  1. Nice projects. They are all wonderful. You are very talented. Yesterday, I wore the scarf that you made me :).

  2. The sock hat is adorable! I sure envy your ‘speed’!

  3. Love your yarn projects! 🙂 🙂 I also envy your speed!

    • Thanks, but these projects are small and easy to do while waiting for whatever. Knitting the scarves take me forever. I have three scarves to knit and I am thinking of making two of them crocheted. Not a huge fan of crocheted scarves in the thicker yarns, but I can crochet faster than knitting and it would get the job done. LOL I really like to crochet sock yarn into scarves.

  4. Look at that! Wow, so many projects finished! Good for you. I love the hats, the little baby roll-brim one is adorable. I can sort of crochet, maybe I’ll attempt the one Pea is modeling. Very chic.

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