Monday Twaddle

Around four weeks ago, I was heading home on the express way when the truck in front of me decided to loose its bed-liner.  I hit the brakes, swerved to the left, and ran over the liner.  It knocked out the sensor, a light, and did some damage to the bumper and rim.   Took it to our insurance owned repair shop.  Three weeks later it still wasn’t fixed properly, the husband raised cain, and took it to the dealership.  A claims adjuster from S. Florida came up and agreed their repair shop did a lousy job.  While it is being repaired properly, they gave me a rental.  It is a new Sienna and does everything except say, “Welcome, Your Highness” when I enter.    I think it is broken.

Pea #1 and Pea #2 will be having a mock debate/election on Tuesday in their history class.  They each have to make a speech. Pea #2 gave Pea #1 a joke to use.  “See the pub in Republican?  Maybe they are spending too much time there.”  Now Pea #2 is madder than a wet hen, because she is the Republican in this debate and has given the enemy, Democrats, some ammunition.

For a few months we have been hearing about the dog toy. It is a rubber pig and snorts like a real pig.  Not oinks, but snorts.  Apparently dogs go really, really nuts over it. We didn’t believe it until one day we saw a dog go after the pig like it was a high priced drug.  I mean the dog went nuts.  The Husband stopped by Wally World and picked up “The Pig”.  Once home, the giddy girls called the dogs, had them sit, and wait.  The girls presented the pig and squeezed it to make it snort really loud.  One dog ran off and the other SDP. That means stopped, dropped, and peed.  Yeah.  Our 50 and 60 pound lab dogs are scarred of a little snorty pig.

I will be glad when elections are over.  I have already voted but The Husband and The Son still have to vote.  The Son will be voting for the first time and like most young first time voters, he could careless.  I hope this isn’t our future.

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2 responses to “Monday Twaddle

  1. I’ll bet they are hoping you decide to keep the Sienna. Those car people are always more than willing to hook you up and take your money.

    I want to hear who wins the Pea Debate on Tuesday!

  2. That’s pathetic that they haven’t fixed your automobile yet.

    I hope Pea#2 realizes that unflattering word extractions are a meaningless diversionary tactic. (but still — LOL!)

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