Incredible Edible Cell

This year the students have done and outstanding job on all the edible cells!

Same rules as always applied.    I decided to add another certificate.  I called it The Above and Beyond Award, because I am awesome at thinking of original titles.  I wanted them to think about their project and come up with something other than a cookie or jello.  Something different. 🙂

  The students delivered!

The winner of the Above and Beyond Certificate made her cell out of Flan.  Several of the adult facilitators voted it for the most beautiful, because they wanted to eat it.  I gave her this certificate because, let’s face it, who would ever think of making a cell out of Flan?  It was unique.

Above and Beyond Edible Cell

The winner of The Most Beautiful baked an orange cake and it was very delicious.

The Most Beautiful

The winner of The Most Meticulous made his out of a giant sugar cookie.  He had all the pieces parts in the right place and right proportion or almost. lol

The Most Meticulous

The winner of The Most Hideous Cell, with a whopping 18 votes, was none other than my very own daughter!  She makes me proud!  I’ll post The Making of the Hideous Cell later.

The Hideous Cell

The student who was brave enough to taste every cell, was the same student who made the Most Beautiful Cell.  Way to go Charlie!  His bravery award was an eyeball on a fork.

Well done, class.  Well done.

The Students

9 responses to “Incredible Edible Cell

  1. Flan! Seriously?? I want to be in YOUR class!
    I have a feeling all my edible cells will be cookies or rice crispie treats… My 7 boys are so not happy about this project, but the 4 girls are eager to be creative… we shall see. Monday is our “Cell Project Pagent”. Perhaps I will get brave and blog a few lines and post some pics! =0)
    Nice work, Applie students! Thanks for sharing, Michelle!

    • Cell Project Pagent. LOL Love it! I hope you will at least send some photos to me. 🙂 I have to post the other students cells, because I didn’t have enough room here. They all earned the Fantastic Cell Certificate.

  2. Delicious and educational…what’s not to love?

  3. OOOOOO AAHHHHH What a fascinating collection of cells this is!
    That flan cell has fig newtons, *drool*

    • You could tell she used fig newtons from looking at the picture? I thought it was really neat how she made everything in shades of brown. FYI: I don’t like flan.

      • Applie, I was there, remember? J/K, I could see those little fig newtons from looking at the picture, and the chocolate covered candies, the butterscotch candy, the piped icing, and nuts. I don’t think I like flan either, but I really like fig newtons, I resist buying them quite often. lol

      • OH yeah! You were there. How could I have forgotten. lol The round light brown things (ribosomes) are shaped from caramel. On the Meticulous Cell, the round white w/chocolate trim (lysosome) was made from a peppermint patty with a side sliced off. I wanted that. I got a malt ball off of another cell instead.

  4. That flan looks delicious!
    And I can’t wait to see the making of the Hideous Cell. 😀

  5. Flan? Wow. That is amazing. Very impressive. Look at all those young skulls of mush you are educating! Way to go, Michelle!

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