The making of a Hideous Cell

As mentioned in the previous post, my daughter won The Most Hideous Cell certificate.  Since I am the Biology facilitator and I know what a cell should look like, I think this is a laughing matter.  The Violinist, however; was not pleased.

First mistake:  Have absolutely no interest in anything to do with Biology.  Also be horrified that your mother is the facilitator.

Second mistake:  Follow the instructions used by the older brother, because you’re too lazy to search what an edible cell should look like.

Third mistake:  Send mom out to get candy. Mom: What kind?  Kid: “I don’t care.”

Mom:  What are you going to use for each organelle? Kid: “I don’t know”.  Mom: You have to pick what candy represents what organelle. Kid:  “I don’t know.  What do they look like?”   Mom:  Get your Biology book and look it up.  Kid: “Just tell ME!”  Mom:  No.

Fourth mistake:  Use blue jello because, “Mom, everyone else will be using green jello.”

Fifth mistake:  Get mad because your mother is constantly telling you to save room for the nucleus.  Hello!  It’s the biggest organelle!  Oh and also use the semi-good scissors to cut the gummy candy into the right shape.  Then don’t wash the scissors.

Sixth mistake:  Get even madder because mom won’t allow the centrioles to be just thrown in there.  All separated like.

Before final refrigeration

Seventh mistake:  Put it all in the refrigerator and let it “gel” overnight.  This really isn’t a mistake. You’re suppose to refrigerate it.  Secret stuff happens to the edible cell when lock inside the refrigerator over night.  That’s the mistake.

The Hideous Cell

Eighth mistake:  Use a different, much larger, piece of candy for the nucleolus.  Because why listen to your mother who knows the nucleolus is not that big compared to the nucleus.

Notice the black colors of the golgi body and the melted ER.  Lovely.

At least this wasn’t THE Most Hideous Cell (scroll down to see the video) that ever came out of my Biology class.

Things to remember.

  • To make organelles suspended in the jello: make half the jello, refrigerate for two hours, place organelle on top, and then pour more jello on.  Refrigerate again for two hours and add the last of the organelles. Refrigerate again.
  • Jello is fun to use, but it doesn’t like a bunch of odd candy thrown in.  The gummy worms (golgi body) turned black.  Jello won’t gel, if using pineapple in it.
  • It is better to use strips of gum than fruit roll-ups.  The fruit roll-ups fall down and bleed into the jello.  They just fall over on cakes.
  • Laffy-taffy is great to use on cookies and cakes.  You can warm it up and shape it to what you want it to be.
  • If you are the facilitator of a Biology class who is making the edible cell, don’t vote.  😀

Hope you have great success in making your own cell.


4 responses to “The making of a Hideous Cell

  1. I love that you just keep it real here. 🙂

    Also, I use pineapple all the time in jello. The pineapple just replaces one of the cups of water that the jello calls for.

    • Ohhh… So if you don’t replace the pineapple with one cup of water, then the jello becomes watery. Of course in an edible cell, it becomes cytoplasmic streaming. Good to know!

  2. I love that she won the most hideous! lol, I smiled through the whole read — this seriously makes me wish that we were studying biology this year. 😀

  3. Haha! Love her Hideous Cell.
    We did a group Pizza Cell last time, but next year I’m thinking I’ll have them do individual ones. But the group one was fun too!

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