Random Monday

I personally would like to know what happened to November?

Had a wonderful time with the in-laws for Thanksgiving. The cousins, little cousins and giant cousins, had a great time. FYI: All my baking skillz dropped a significant amount, just in time for Thanksgiving dinner. Rolls were hockey-pucks, apple pie was burned, but the pumpkin pie and sweet potatoes were edible. Comment from SIL, “This is the first time I had some of your bread that wasn’t very good.”  Comment from MIL, “I’m going to eat the apple pie anyway.”  You’ll be happy to know both are still alive.

Left the house at 2:15am on Black Friday to do some shopping. I normally leave at 4:00am, but couldn’t sleep that night and left early. I was shocked. I mean SHOCKED, to see all the people out on the road. In years past I was the only one out on the road at 4:00am, until I got to the mall. It was creepy and awesome at the same time. Everyone was nice and I got semi-good deals. I came home at 10:00am, picked up the husband to shop some more, then home at around 1:30. I crashed after that.

Saturday night Pea #2 decided it was time to play board games. She got out her favorite game Clue, walked up to her dad and asked, “Dad, do you have any logic?” Dad, “Not tonight.” Pea #2, “Then you’re going to loose!”

We bought a 5′ to 6′ tree at Lowes. It is just under 6′ and is the shortest live tree we have ever had. On the other hand, the girls have done a marvelous job of decorating it.

I TOTALLY mortified by 14 year old while at the grocery store this weekend.   And it was by accident! I got a very harsh whisper from her, “Mmmooooooommmm!” Want to know what I did?  I spoke out loud. in. the. public. bathroom.   Yes I did.  Forgive me.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

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4 responses to “Random Monday

  1. I am aghast at the bread and pie that you served. It truly must be the end of times.

    You still haven’t shared with us what your bargains were.

  2. You shopped from 2am to 1:30pm? Good gravy. That is wild!

    Who tells you your bread isn’t very good? Make your own bread then, meanie-head sister-in-law. I did FOUR experimental dishes this year, because Thanksgiving is the perfect time for new recipes. One was a total flop, and the rest were okay.

  3. Oh no! All these years of speaking out loud in the bathroom and not knowing that library rules applied in there too!

    An off baking day? That happens to me sometimes, it’s not normal and so disturbing. =0

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