For the December issue of Nailed/Failed it, I picked this.  A bunch of photo cubes in apothecary jar.  I really like the look of it and thought the MIL would love to have it for her birthday.

First thing I did was steal family photos from Facebook.  Second thing I did was ordered my SIL to send photos of her kids, pronto.  She’s scared of me so she complied.  Not really, it took her two days.

I tried the instructions on the blog mentioned at Pinterest, but really did not like the thick lines and the over all look of it after it was a cube. It was also difficult for me to size the photos and place them in the squares, in Photoshop.  I also had a hard time getting the right black/white coloring.  After sending a photo to Twitter, Donna, yes THE Donna, had pity on me.  This wasn’t the first time either.  She made her own cubes and shared them with me!  You can find them here. 

People, they come in different sizes!  2.3 inch, 2 inch, 1.75 inch, 1.5 inch, 1.25 inch, 1 inch, and .75 inch cubes.  All done just for you, so you don’t have to figure out how to change the size of the cubes yourself.  I know. I know.  How awesomer can that be.

For each cube Donna said all I had to do was make the pictures square. A square has four equal sizes.  You need to know that when making these.  Trust me on this, ok?


 I uploaded 2 million photos to Photoshop and sized them the lazy way. All I had to do was select fix, crop, and “get this”  SQUARE.  Yeah, that was it.  Square.  Who knew it would be so easy?  I pulled the sides out to the area I wanted the photo, clicked applied and it was saved.  OH yeah, I’m good.


Donna has her way of sizing pictures and applying them to the cubes, which you can read about here. 

Once my pictures were hip to be squared, I inserted the pictures into the cubes, using MSWord, and WAH-LAH they automatically sized to the cube square.  It doesn’t matter what cube size you pick.  All are automatic.  That’s called The Donna Touch.  She made it that way for dummies like me.  Not only did she make it that easy, she also put little notes in the cubes, like “Flap 1”, and “insert photo here and rotate upside down”, and “remove this text”.  Dude, I need those instructions. She also tells you how to change the colored photos to b/w.  Since she has written instructions for that, I don’t have to.  Score!

Cubes were printed on card stock and cut out using an xacto knife.  Be careful not to cut the tabs off.  I did that once, but was able to tape it back on without a problem.  I used a metal ruler to help with the cutting and folding.

Donna’s cutting instructions.

If you’ll notice on the left paper above, I have photos in the wrong spot.  Don’t put photos on the flaps.  It just doesn’t work when you fold it.  I did that twice.  The paper on the right is correct.

Remember:  Photos need to be square.  Don’t insert photos in the tab section. Don’t cut off tabs.  Don’t eat chocolate covered pretzels while folding cubes.

Following The Donna’s instructions, all cubes came out great!  Ok, ok.  All except the three I messed up.  Gee, people, to I have to admit all my mistakes?

Folding Instructions

I forgot to take a side-by-side picture of them.  I tried all of the sizes.  My favorite size is the 2″ cube.  My least favorite is the .75″ cube, only because it was too small for the photos. If I had just faces on there then the small cube would be great.  It is perfect for die or tree ornaments.

I have 3 cubes in each of the sizes and I still do not have enough for the jar. Moss was placed at the bottom and the cubes arranged inside.  Here it is in all its glory.  It needs more cubes, right?

Photo cubes new home.

This jar is too big.  I may take it back to Hobby Lobby and get a different one.  It was on sale at 50% off.  The moss was purchased using a 40% off coupon, so this present cost around $30.00.  Not so bad. 🙂

I will be making more cubes for this jar and then decide if I want to use it or get something else.  MIL’s birthday is the 21st, so I have some time to decide.  Of course, if the world ends on that day all this work will be for naught.

Updated:  Cubed more photos and gave the gift to the MIL.  She loves it and it is now center stage in her sitting area.  

If stuffing paper photo cubes in a glass jar is not your thing, then make ornaments.


Don’t want to put photos on the cube?  That’s ok too.  Add clip art.  All the cubes held up nicely without adding glue, do you could even add treasures inside!  The possibilities are endless.


Thank you, Donna Young, for all your hard work in creating THE CUBES.

I totally nailed this project!

 Now go check out what the others did for their Pinterest Challenge.

14 responses to “Cube

  1. I can’t wait till next week when I have time to do this!!! I gave the Ark the sample one I made and he loves it!!!! I just picked up a jar, but mine didn’t have a lid ;-( I’ll post and let you know how it turns out!!! I love how yours turned out and yes a few more cubes would be nice but what about one with inspirational quotes about family or xmas to add some fun/faith or just flair?

  2. Your cubes look great! I’d never have the patience to do those. It must’ve taken hours…

    • Thanks! I did it over several days. Once I got the hang of how the cubes are to be cut, it went quickly. I cut all the lines in one directions, turned the page and cut the rest of the lines in the other directions. No turning the page in circles. Folding them also became easy after the first few. I sat and listened to Christmas music while doing it. 🙂

  3. Very nice! What a fun way to share family photos! I agree that there is room for more cubes in the jar as it is, although- you could leave it and add a note that you will continue to fill it over the year with new photos. Is your jar half empty or half full? 🙂

  4. oh yes, I meant to mention before that I love your Nativity!!!!

  5. I think I might be in love with this idea AND this post!! You crack me up – “the Donna Touch” for “dummies” !! (Like ME,too!) I think Donna should write a book… Anyway – I love the idea and will be trying it soon!

  6. Yes, definitely nailed it! After seeing your completed project (except for a few more cubes…yes, you need some more if you are going to use that glass jar) and hearing how easy THE DONNA made it, I think that I have to try this. What a great gift idea. nice work!!!

  7. You did a fabulous job. I, however, do not have the patience to do it. You Rock!

  8. Geeky and Crafty! Its so you!


    I am pinning this and doing it for my MIL some day too. Perfect gift. Love, love, love.

    Also, The Donna rules.

  10. Michelle, I love it! I don’t think your Mil will let you take it back home once you give it to her. It’s a jar full of her people, what more could a woman want.

    Thank you for all the nice comments about me. I am always happy to lend a hand if I can.

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