Biology Catch-up

This is just a quick update to what has been going on in the Biology class, since our Edible Cell project.

We did our Edible DNA.  As always I follow the instructions from Teach Genetics.  The students were to pick what color marshmallow represented each of the nucleotides.

To help them remember what this experiment was about, I made the Eat Your DNA worksheet.  This worksheet was to be handed in for a partial lab credit.


The students had fun with this and one student was really in it for the twizzlers.  lol


We continued to study DNA, with the extraction of DNA from Strawberries.

Squishing Strawberries

I have previously extracted DNA from peas, but wanted to do something different and let each student have their own supplies.  I followed this video.  Looked simple enough.

While one student squished the strawberries to break up the cells, the other student made the solution that will break open the cells.  In the video they use dish detergent.  We use hand soap.

The solution was slowly added to the strawberry bag and gently mixed.


After the soap/salt solution was added to the strawberry bag, it was filtered through a coffee filter.  We wanted all the tid-bits of strawberries out.  We had some trouble here when a few of the filters broke.


To get the DNA out of the pink liquid, we added alcohol.


Two layers will form after the alcohol has been added.  The top layer will hopefully have the DNA.

We had little success with this.  Yes, there was DNA, as seen below, but it was not the awesome amount I had gotten when we used peas.

The students still thought it was a pretty cool experiment.IMG_0497

Right after the DNA extraction, we practiced Mitosis with play dough.  I had done this before and it really helped the students.  This time; however, most of the students were not interested in participating with this project.   It turned out to be a bad situation and I did not bother to bring back the play dough the next week to practice Meiosis.  This just goes to show you that each class is different.


I have no idea why my photos are small.  😦

Coming up soon will be our Spudoodles!  So come back and see what we did.

3 responses to “Biology Catch-up

  1. Excellent Michelle. I thought photo #7 was really cute.

    Your images are small because, except for the first image which is set at full, all of the small images are set at medium.

  2. NICE!!!!!!!!! Love this blog!!!!!!!

  3. Always enjoy your bio blogs, Michelle! I am taking you up on posting some of my bio stuff… hopefully I’l have my 1st one done by … Saturday!!
    The peas are always best for DNA extraction – it has something to do with the starch content… great pics, though – I, too, enjoyed #7!

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