The Month of January

My goals for the month of January:

To save money:

  • I will make tortillas, bagels, bread crumbs.
  • Will not buy ice cream, microwave popcorn, colas, or chocolate bars.
  • Go to the grocery store only once during the week.
  • Make a menu plan.
  • Return all library books on time.


  • Loose 5 pounds.  A lofty goal, since I ate my husband’s brownie for breakfast today.
  • Drink lots of water.
  • Stop drinking  coffee.  It really isn’t coffee, because it is more sugar and half/half.
  • Get back to hot tea.
  • Dairy Free – doing this with Pea #2.  More on that at another time.
  • Take daily vitamins


  • Wake up at 5:00am.  This starts 1/7/2012 when we are all back to work and school.
  • Bed time 10:00p.  Lofty goal is 9:30p.
  • Make a menu plan
  • Clean out two kitchen drawers
  • Work on getting the husband signed up for Google calendar


  • Daily devotional,  already two days late on this one.


14 responses to “The Month of January

  1. Those are really good goals. 🙂 Good luck!

  2. Some good goals! I like this devotional that I get in my email every day. (link at bottom) Some really good stuff. Thought provoking! 🙂

  3. Wake up at 5am? Dude. Why?

    Other than that, this are very similar to my own list, which seems to keep growing as I cast around and find all the ways in which I can improve myself. Tired already. I shall be very interested in your recipe/tutorial on making tortillas, which I keep meaning to do.

    But 5 am. That’s cray-cray, yo.

  4. Looks great except the 5am revelry call…….I can barely drag out of bed at 7am.

  5. That seems like a very doable list. Except the 5 am thing. I’m with Deb…that’s crazy!

  6. My first goal is to put away my Christmas decorations. I’m going to miss them, at first, then I will enjoy the simple views of unclutteredness.
    I like your idea of monthly goals….more doable.

  7. Getting up at 5am was nice for me when I did it, I could be at the ymca by 5:30am, work out, pick up groceries and be home by 7am. Unfortunately, I don’t get up at 5 anymore, lately it is more like 7am. 7am does not work as well as 5am, but it’s better than 9 or 10am, which is what I do when I stay up until 3am.

    I want to lose 3.3lb this month or 10lb by April.

    Coffee, you don’t like it black? That’s how I drink it, black, I don’t like it with cream and sugar. When I run out of coffee, I start drinking hot tea, plain, of course, I don’t like sugar or cream in it either.

    These are nice goals; too bad we no longer have a private forum from which we could encourage each other.

    Google calendar – I’m actively using google calendar recently because of how it works seamlessly with the android tablet that I have.

  8. I think you’re my twin. Except I need to lose more weight than you do! All the best to you on your goals!

  9. Soooo, how’d it go, Applie?

  10. I thought it was brave just to post your goals!

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