Random Monday

So glad we are back on normal schedule.  Letting the kids sleep in until 10:00am does not make for a good long day.

Pea #1 and I are dairy free.  At the end of the day, I congratulated myself for not having any dairy and it wasn’t a bad first week.  Then I cried when my brain woke up and told me it had only been one day since going dairy free.  The Pea has had only one fit when she couldn’t grab a cup of milk.  She is drinking Almond milk, but doesn’t care for it.

My Twit friends have talked me into playing Words With Friends. I didn’t want to since they are all smarter than me.  Not Inadequate was the first to start.  My first word was great YOGA for a whopping 8 points!  Yes, I’m rockin’ this WWF game.  Then Deb puts her word up.  DEFRAYAL for 56 points!  She used ALL of her letters! So the games goes on, my last word ZIN for 23 points.  Her last word SLITS for 45 points. Right now the score is Me 125; Deb 205.  Yeah, I’m going back to not playing with smart people.  It isn’t a challenge playing with me.  This is a very sad game.

I’m lovin’ Evernote!  I can make check lists, keep them in one place for future reference, and email them to the husband. 🙂

Now go read what everyone else is randomly saying.

6 responses to “Random Monday

  1. You are within striking distance! You can do it! WWF is a game of strategy, not just a game of words.

    Dairy free sounds horrid. My people eat so much cheese, it practically has it’s own budget category. I can’t even imagine. Good luck.

  2. I go through phases with WWF…when I am on top, like now, I am loving it and looking forward to playing. When I am getting my arse kicked, notsomuchfun. Deb is a tough opponent but it’s only because she cheats so don’t let it get to you :).

    good luck with the dairy free!

  3. Not all of us have talked you into it. lol I prefer the drawing game.

    • That’s true, because I learned my lesson after Deb. 😀 I’d like the drawing game too, but I can’t get it on the Nook. If I ever get a smartphone, I’ll get draw something.

  4. random comments:
    dairy free…? I could never give up ice cream – EVER – just sayin’!

    WWF… I am a mediocre player. I win a few I lose a few. I use it as a good distraction from busy that is life… don’t give up! I’ll play with you & you can beat me!! =)

    evernote… hmmm, this is new and I think I might like it! Thanks for the tip!

    Back to lesson plans, grading Biology essays, and putting away Christmas decorations… I convinced My Guy to let them stay up to Kings day… just b/c I was procrastinating… that was Sunday… Time to get the storage boxes out!

    Here is another random Monday post from my friend Jen, Happy reading!

    Terrific Tuesday to ya’ll!

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