It’s Called a Honey Cowl

Sometime before Christmas Deb and I were trying to decide what I would do for the December Pinterest Nailed It/Failed It challenge.   We decided I would make the Honey Cowl.  You can find Deb’s first Honey Cowl here.

However; I didn’t have any suitable yarn.  No worries, Deb said to use sock yarn and knit with two strands.  Cool.  I can do that.  I wanted to use Chugiak Hand Dyed Sock Yarn by Pagewood.  First thing Deb asked, “Do you have two skeins?”  Sure!, says I.  What Deb didn’t know, was where I got the two skeins from.

I got it from this.

That’s right!  I frogged that sucker right out.  It has been folded in my drawer for three years and I have hated it that long.  Click on the photo to take you to the shawl post 😀

I have another shaw, I’d like to frog too.

I bought a pair of acrylic interchangeable knitting needles to knit the Honey Cowl.  I do not like the acrylic needles.  I will not buy them again, because they seem to be sticky. I like my knitting needles and crochet hooks to be super slick.

So here is the finished cowl.


Some things to know.

  • The yarn is not squishy soft, but it is pretty.
  • The photo does not do the color any justice.  The color is gorgeous, in real life.
  • It is only just over 6 inches wide.  I didn’t want a wide cowl.
  • The above photo is the way I will wear the cowl.

A close-up look at the stitches.


Things you should know.

  • Every single row has mistakes.
  • The pattern was super easy.  I just can’t remember from one stitch to the next if I purled our slipped.

Here it is wrapped twice around my neck.


Some things you should know.

  • I will not wear it like this.
  • I do not like to have anything wrapped around my neck.  Why I continue to make scarves and cowls for myself, I’ll never know.  They are fun to make, but not to wear.
  • It’s doesn’t look as nice as Deb’s.  I think this yarn is on the heavy side and tends to weight down the folds.
  • I will most likely make another one of these for my sisters.  I’ll pick a fluffy yarn with lots of squishiness.

Since I did not have the needles to start this for the December Nail It/Fail It challenge, this ended up being a fun KAL with Deb.  Thanks Deb for all your help with this!


9 responses to “It’s Called a Honey Cowl

  1. I LOVE IT SO MUCH! It’s gorgeous! The color is stunning. The suggested yarn (Madelinetosh) is quite squishy, I think you’d like the result a lot.

    Why do we not get to see your lovely face?

    I liked doing a KAL, we should do it again!

  2. Pretty! I love the color. I don’t like things touching my neck, either!

  3. It is very pretty and looks nice on you. I don’t like cowls though because it’s a circle and I can see it getting hung in something and I would choke to death.

  4. That looks really cute! I like the color and I like how you are wearing it loose. Nice work!

  5. Very pretty. Stunning color! 🙂

  6. Very beautiful!!! It is so cold up here I always have something around my neck….although it is going to be warm for us today and tomorrow.

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