The Mondo Bag

For A Christmas gift a good friend from co-op, made me a Mondo Bag.  For the record, I like bags.  I like lots of bags.  Bags hold Every.Thing!!  So you can imagine the excitement when I opened this.


It’s huge. It’s marvelous.  It’s perfect.  Not only for it’s size, but for how my friend made it JUST.FOR.ME.  🙂

Not only did she add awesome bright colors, but also photos.  These are perfect for a Biology teacher.  You can see a worm, mushrooms, and an animal cell. Totally cool.


Below you can see, I Love Biology and a photo of my husband. My friend went out of her way to capture some favorite pictures off my blog. 🙂


Below you can see me as Professor Goodenstein and The Webmonkey.  Notice the matching glasses. LOL  I am the webmonkey for our co-op website.


I love this bag!  The bottom is a flat huge square.  I have added a skein of yarn so you can sort of see the size of this thing.


I have used it a few time, but right now it is a perfect place to hold all of the yarn I need to make my daughter’s blanket.  A work in progress.


And all the yarn that goes with it.

IMG_0055Thanks, Georgeann, for all your hard work in making this great bag just for me. 🙂




6 responses to “The Mondo Bag

  1. That is great! I didn’t really fully appreciate the size until you showed the lone skein of yarn in the bottom – it is HUGE! What a sweet friend you have.

  2. OooOOOOooo, lovely, lovely bag!! And the personalizations make it so special!
    Do I see you working on an interlocking ripple? Can’t wait to see that when finished.

  3. I love it! What an awesome friend! And it looks so professionally made. Beautifully done.
    And I love the pics on it – nice personalized touch. 🙂

  4. What an awesome bag! I took up crocheting last year, now I’m in need of a little yarn solution! I big roomy bad like that would be great! 🙂

  5. What a great bag! I love bags, too. Tote bags, not purses.

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