Pinterest Challenge

So far my Pinterest Challenges haven’t been to much of a challenge.  Well, except for the pancake art.  That was a challenge.

This time I wanted to do something completely different and was a big challenge.

Some of you may have read a previous post on the state of my favorite cookbook.  As stated in the post I am not a very neat cook.  My cookbooks get the blunt of my messes.  Can’t help it.  It’s just the way I am.

Since the first time the internet arrived in my home, I have been printing off recipes from different website I visit.


As you can see, they have the same fate as my cookbook.


I don’t know how the marker got on there.  I am not even sure it is a marker.


What to do?  What to do?  Why go to Pinterest and find out!   This.  This, people, is the awesome challenge I came up with!  I know you’re jealous.


It was a hard challenge, but I was up for the task.  You need a plastic hanger with clips, made to hang pants or skirts.  Here is the really hard part; hang it over your cabinet door.  That’s right! Just reach up high and hang it on the door knob.

IMG_0005 What really made this a harder challenge than any of my other Pinterest Challange people, was that I had to actually take out a plastic sleeved recipe sheet from my gorgeous recipe binder.  I mean really!  I had to open it up AND open the rings to take out the paper.

But all this hard work will be forever worth it.  Not only do I have clean recipe pages, my cookbook is not taking up lots of space.  Just take out the recipe, hang the recipe on the knob, rest a minute to get your breath, then close the cookbook.

I claim myself as totally NAILED IT Queen!!

I know this project has just blown your mind.  If you have any mind left, go check out my friends and their Pinterest Challenge.  Of course, they fall way short of my awesome project.


Come back and gawk at my awesomeness any time!


10 responses to “Pinterest Challenge

  1. I love it!!!!! Yes you are the Nailed It Queen!!!! Although I think I like your cookbook binder better! My recipes look very much like yours, and I will need to work on them this summer ……

  2. Oh my…you better lie down and rest after that project. That looks exhausting. Take the day off.

    It is very effective though and a nifty little trick.

    Love the Recipe Book. You have awesome and talented friends!

  3. I stand amazed! I don’t know how you do it!

  4. Best. Post. EVAH!

    And truly inspiring!

  5. Hahahahahahahaha! U crack me up!!!! I like the idea but FYI that idea has been around for sometime and it is an awesome idea! I have done this myself! My organizational skills where recipes goes is just out of control!!!! Pinterest is so awesome!!!!! You go girlfriend!!!!

  6. I’m tellin’ you. I have notebooks with printed out recipes from all over the place and they look just like yours. I actually spent last weekend purging seemingly hundreds of those guys!

    LOVE your Pinterest success! (Much better than taping it to the cabinet, Ahem…)

  7. Hahahaha! You are aMAZing! You INSPIRE me!

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  9. Great idea! Thanks for sharing

  10. I’ve been putting my recipes in page protectors for years now and that is the only way that I can keep them clean. I wish I had knobs on my cabinets to do this with but alas I have none at all.

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