Random Monday


This post is random in itself, since my last post was two months ago!

For the month of March, the husband and I tried the Engine 2 Diet.  No oil, no butter, no meat or animal by-products, except honey.  No booze.  The first two weeks were hard, because I was fixing two dinners.  One for the kids and one for the parents.  We started slightly cheating after two weeks.  I lost one pound by the third week.  ONE.  ONE POUND!  I did not feel any better by the end of the 18 days.  We are no longer on it, but we still eat lots of veggies.

Pea #1 and I signed up for a 5k run.  A Zombie must have gotten ahold of my brain, because I don’t run.  Ever.  I can’t even run, without gasping for breath, to our mailbox.  We started the Couch 2 5k training plan, so I wouldn’t embarrass myself in front of the world.  I can now run 2 minutes and walk 2 minutes for 25 minutes total. 😀   I really think there should be a plan like Floor 2 Couch, before starting C25k.

To help us run “better”, I bought each of us running shirts and socks.  Shorts for The Pea, and a Bionic Bra for me.  Yes, I did say Bionic Bra.  I needed something that really works um… you know what I mean.  I thought I’d go out running in style, so I bought a purple one.  It’s shiny.  I am miffed because my family won’t let me run in just jogging pants and the sports bra.  Everyone else does.

I am thrilled the new styles of ladies’ shirts.  The back actually covers the butt.  Why did it take so long to become stylish?



3 responses to “Random Monday

  1. We need to start walking across the country again. I am such a slacker. And it shows. I have never been so frustrated with my appearance.

    I don’t need a new style of shirt. I need a mu-mu.

  2. No oil, no butter, no meat? My gosh. That sounds miserable. What’s left? Butterless rabbit food? Oatmeal with no milk or sugar? How depressing. That makes me want some chocolate.

  3. What a hoot! I love your new post! Happy running!


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