Rejoice with me, people!

While out hunting for insects, I turn on the back porch light to attrack moths.  Within a few minutes I heard this rustling.

Yay, says me, sounds like a huge moth!  I take a look in the light area and notice it wasn’t a moth.  It was a bat!  A bat, people!

I have always wanted a bat house and now I have one on my own porch!  It was not happy that the light was on, so I turned it off and promptly took pictures.  Look at this cutie.

Bat 1  I do not know what kind it is.  It’s small.   After a while it left, but I am hoping it will return.  I am not sure what to do if it does return.  I don’t think it is wise for it to live in our lamp.

bat 2

Anyone know what kind this is?

10 responses to “Rejoice with me, people!

  1. Nice looking bat you have there. I have no idea what kind it is. If he was a cat, then he is looking at you like he is in love. lol

  2. Awww…he is kind of cute. I don’t mind bats as long as they stay outside. I don’t know what kind he is either.

  3. I have no idea what type he is. We have a lot of bats in our backyard in the summer months.

  4. My Princess will be so jealous!!!! She adores bats!!!! She was just studying about them last night on her own from Zoo 1~ again!!! She wants us to build a bat house. I will have to ask her to look it up in the book and see if she can figure it out.

  5. Georgeann Engel

    Look here. The description sounds right. Especially the “pinkish color” on the forearms.

    I know we have bats – I see them flying at night. But I have never discovered a resting place.

  6. How cool! You got great shots of the bat.

  7. Bats are cool. Better than bugs.

  8. Very cute. But aren’t your 8 legged friends at risk?

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