Florida Trailwalker Program

On May 9th, my friend Georgeann invited me to hike with her at Jennings State Forest.

Georgeann has been participating in the Florida’s Trailwalker Program and I have decided to participate also.  To earn the Trailwalker patch you must:

“Walk a total of ten trails in a minimum of five state forests, selecting trails from the Trail List. At the trailhead of each trail you hike, obtain one pre-paid postal survey card for the trail. Fill it in and put in the mail after you complete the hike.”

We decided to walk the North Florida Black Creek loop.  It is a five mile hike.

The girls photos 002

This was right after days of rain and that means Black Creek floods.  There were several times we had to either go through or around some water.

The girls photos 011

The girls photos 012


Georgeann kept us on track with her handy-dandy hand held GPS.  Of course this means I have to have one too.  I am currently waiting on the husband to get me one.

The girls photos 009

We saw some wild life and lots of prints.  This is a raccoon, I think.

The girls photos 013

It took us just over two hours to do the hike.  We walked and talked the whole way.  Never stopping, except 3/4 quarters of the way around.  I was yacking, as always, and all of a sudden I had a hard time breathing.  I’m like whhaaaat?   I told Georgeann I had to stop for a breath and drink water. She explained to me we were going up a slight incline, the ground wasn’t flat there.  Geez, I really need to work out more.  After a few minutes and some water I did pretty well.

Once I got home I sent my little card in to get the sticker saying I have hiked the trail.  Now where shall we hike next?

What a great way to get out doors and have some fun!

4 responses to “Florida Trailwalker Program

  1. That is my favorite kind of exercise, especially with a friend that you can chat with along the way. Good job. You are becoming quite the athlete with your recent 5K run and all.

  2. Love hiking! What a neat idea on the part of Florida State parks to encourage the use of their trails! Keep us informed on your future hikes!

  3. We have a similar program up here! We used to hike all the time but not for the last 2-3 years with the demands of life….hoping to get back into it this summer

  4. That sounds great! I love to hike and think I need to look into that for the family 🙂

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