The Great Out Doors!

This summer I really want the family to get outside more, so I am continuing to look for more fun ways to do this.

This week my hiking buddy invited me over to test drive her inflatable kayak.  Yes, I did say inflatable.  We headed out to Osceola National Forest.  The kayaks were not on top of her car or on a trailer.  They were in bags, in the back of her car.  Her car, people!  Not a truck, not a van, a CAR.  I’m good with that.

The Sea Eagle 330 comes in a large bag that is light enough for one person to carry.  She  said when her boys were young, they could even lift it.

Ocean Pond Kayak Trip 004

Just unroll and start to inflate.

Ocean Pond Kayak Trip 006

This type of kayak not only works your upper arms, but also your legs.  It’s like a stair-master! It didn’t take long at all to inflate the kayaks.  See my nice white socks?  That’s the last time you’ll ever see these socks white.

Ocean Pond Kayak Trip 012

Here is a graceful Georgeann climbing into her kayak.  Thank the good Lord I don’t have a “graceful” photo of me getting in.  See all that mud in the lower right corner?  That’s where my shoes and socks sank to China.

Ocean Pond Kayak Trip 013

I made it out on the water!  After getting no-where fast, we discovered my paddles were not only upside down, but backwards.  It was almost smooth sailing after that.  A few more times out on the water and I’ll be a pro!  Sort of.

Ocean Pond Kayak Trip 016

The white triangle at the bottom of the photo is me getting ready to bump into Georgeann’s kayak.  I did that often.

Ocean Pond Kayak Trip 018

I don’t know how long we were out on the water, but it didn’t seem long at all. It was so peaceful (except for my constant chatter) and beautiful out there on the pond.

We made it back to shore where I “gracefully” climbed out of the kayak and visited China again. Georgeann did not visit China and she wasn’t soaked after paddling.  I don’t understand that.

They kayaks are drying in the sun.  Aren’t they cute?

The husband is looking into getting a few for our family.  This is something I can do by myself with the girls. I won’t have to have a man around to help lift it onto my van or out of the water.  Fun summer days out on the water, here we come!


4 responses to “The Great Out Doors!

  1. Don’t you guys have gators and stuff down there? Be careful, yo. That does look really fun.

  2. That is cool. I have seen those (or something like them) on WOOT and wondered if they really worked. How long did they take to inflate with the foot pump?

    It looks like a fun time out on the water. Except for the muddy socks. More exercise for the Applie…nice job!

  3. I want some!!!!! So glad you did this and blogged it!

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